Pandora and The Hope Fairy Questions & Answers

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Pandora and The Hope Fairy Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

(a) Pandora did not want to open the lid because she thought that the box contained more evils which would sting her again.
(b) When the Hope fairy touched her wounds with her wand, Pandora’s pain disappeared.
(c) Hope said that in spite of trouble, it was still possible to have fun.
(d) The fairy promised that all her hopes would be beautiful and made of smiles and tears, just like the rainbow.

Question 2: She was crying bitterly, her head resting against the box. Who was ‘she’? Why was she crying bitterly?

Answer: ‘She’ was Pandora. She was crying bitterly because she had been badly stung and was in terrible pain.

Question 3: ‘You mean those ugly monsters with stings in their tails?’ What were those ugly monsters? What did they do?

Answer: Those ugly monsters were evils like pain, greed and death, which escaped from the box and stung Pandora.

Question 4: A look at her was worth all the troubles in the world! Who was worth looking at? Why was she shut up in the box with all the troubles?

Answer: Hope was the one who was worth looking at. She was shut up in the box with all the troubles to give people hope in their difficult times.

Question 5: ‘Troubles would have got into the world anyway.’ Who said these words to whom? How would troubles have entered the world anyway?

Answer: Hope said these words to Pandora. Troubles would have gotten into the world anyway because if Pandora hadn’t opened the box, someone else would have.

Question 6: Why did Pandora open the box the second time? What does this tell about her?

Answer: Pandora opened the box for the second time because she wanted to see the wings of the creature inside. From this, we can say that Pandora was a very curious girl.

Question 7: What is the message of the story?

Answer: The message of this story is that we must remember that no matter how troubled we are, we must remain hopeful because then, life will seem happier and more beautiful. Even in the worst of times, when we feel that all is lost, hope will give us the strength to move on.

So, these were Pandora and The Hope Fairy Questions & Answers.

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