Native Wisdom Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Native Wisdom Questions & Answers.

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Native Wisdom Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who was Leon? What did he do for a living?

Answer: Leon was a poor South American hunter. He earned a living working as a guide for tourists who came to see wildlife in the Amazon rainforest.

Question 2: According to the story, what do you have to do if you want to see the Amazon rainforest?

Answer: According to the story, if you want to see wildlife in an Amazon rainforest, you must walk the small, narrow trails made by animals like peccaries and tapirs.

Question 3: Why did Leon take his shoes off? How did the tourist react?

Answer: Leon took his shoes off because he could see where he was going and what he was stepping on and so, felt that he did not have to wear shoes. The tourist was surprised to see Leon do this and thought it was stupid of him to do so.

Question 4: Where did Leon take the tourist? Describe the things they saw there.

Answer: Leon took the tourist inside the rainforest, along a small trail which he found off the river bank. While walking through dark, damp vegetation, they saw a hummingbird, a boa constrictor as well as dangerous plants like nettles.

Question 5: Why did the stingray attack the tourist?

Answer: As the tourist was walking barefoot in the water, he couldn’t see what was beneath his feet and so, he stepped on the stingray. Therefore, it attacked him.

Question 6: ‘….so what does your rainforest have that is worth seeing, eh?’ Who said these words to whom? Why did he say this?

Answer: The tourist said these words to Leon because he believed that forests were useful only if they yielded timber and other things which could be sold for a good sum of money. He did not appreciate forests for the richness of plant and animal life that could be found there.

Question 7: ‘Not by our friends.’ Who said these words to whom and why?

Answer: Leon said these words to the tourist because he called him ‘Buckman’ which is an insulting way to refer to a forest-dweller.

Question 8: ‘Man, this takes the cake!’ Who said these words to whom? What happened after this?

Answer: The tourist said these words to Leon. While they were crossing the stream, the tourist, who had taken off his shoes, suddenly screamed in pain. He was crossing barefoot and didn’t see a stingray hidden in the water bed. It stung him when he stepped on it.

Question 9: ‘Where the eye can’t see, is where people need shoes.’ Who was the speaker? Why did he say these words?

Answer: Leon said these words to the tourist. The tourist thought Leon was stupid for removing his shoes on land and wearing them while crossing the stream. Therefore, Leon wanted to make the tourist realise that he had a sensible reason for wearing his shoes while crossing the stream.

Question 10: Throughout the story, the tourist laughs at natives because he thinks they are stupid. What does this tell you about him as a person?

Answer: The behaviour of the tourist tells us that he is an arrogant person who thinks he is smarter and better than the natives.

So, these were Native Wisdom Questions & Answers.

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