Partition Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Partition Questions & Answers.

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Partition Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write true or False for the following sentences:

1. Iqbal Singh kept believing that Gulzar was his brother even after Gulzar stopped writing to him – True
2. Harbhajan Singh was a zamindar of his qasba – False
3. The family felt as if they were being uprooted from their land – True
4. The family travelled to Mianwali by bullock cart – False
5. Harbhajan Singh was able to meet Afzal Chacha and his son, Ayaaz – False
6. Gulzar was able to convince the family that he wasn’t their son – False

Question 2: Who wanted to meet Gulzar? Why?

Answer: Harbhajan Sing, the civil supplies minister in Punjab, wanted to meet Gulzar. This is because he thought that Gulzar was his son whom he had lost during the partition.

Question 3: What was the situation at Harbhajan Singh’s qasba at the time of partition?

Answer: At the time of partition, there were terrible riots at Harbhajan Singh’s qasba. Fire raged all around and scorched the qasba in those flames.

Question 4: How was the zamindar’s attitude towards Harbhajan Singh’s family?

Answer: Zamindar Afzal Chacha was very kind and he came daily to boost the courage of Harbhajan Singh’s family. He was also a friend of Harbhajan Singh’s father so, he treated Harbhajan’s wife as his own daughter.

Question 5: What made the family leave their home? Where did they go?

Answer: One day, the family saw a weeping caravan passed by the qasba. They got much frightened. This incident made them leave their home. They went to Jammu from Mianwali.

Question 6: What happened to the children?

Answer: The children got separated from the family during their journey to Jammu from Mianwali.

Question 7: Why did the family go back to Pakistan?

Answer: The family went back to Pakistan for a pilgrimage to Panja Sahib.

Question 8: Why was Harbhajan Singh reluctant to meet the zamindar?

Answer: Harbhajan Singh was reluctant to meet the zamindar because he felt guilty about not trusting him during partition.

Question 9: Were they reunited with their children?

Answer: No, they were not reunited with their children.

Question 10: What did Dilshad tell Harbhajan Singh?

Answer: Dilshad told Harbhajan Singh that she was taken care of by the owners of the house where she had hidden. They took good care of her and now, she got married and had two sons: one was in Pakistan Air Force and the other one had a good job in Karachi.

Question 11: Why do you think the mother kept looking at the author quietly? What does that tell us about her?

Answer: The mother kept looking at the author quietly because she was hoping to find her lost son in the author.

This tells us that she was still hopeful and positive about finding her son.

Question 12: What difficulties do you think people face when they are forced to Ieave their house and country and move to an unknown land?

Answer: People face many difficulties as it is not easy to leave your house and country you have so much attachment with. People have to sacrifice their jobs, their relations, their emotions, their wealth and their comfort zones in which they were living before. They become poor, emotionally weak, helpless and completely hopeless.

Question 13: How did author feel when he received a Ietter about Harbhajan Singh’s death? What does it tell us about the author?

Answer: The author felt sad when he received the letter about Harbhajan Singh’s death. He felt as he had lost his own father.

It tells us about author’s emotional attachment with Harbhajan Singh because he had accepted him as his own father. This tells us that he was kind and compassionate.

So, these were Partition Questions & Answers.

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