Pollyanna Questions & Answers

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Pollyanna Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Tucking – to fold
  • Supper – evening meal
  • Gleefully – happily
  • Come in handy – something useful
  • Queer – strange
  • Snapped – to speak sharply
  • Appetite – hunger
  • Splendid – very good

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) Nancy agreed to play the game with Pollyanna – True
(b) Pollyanna forced herself to eat her bread and milk – False
(c) She never had any trouble finding a reason to be glad about everything – False
(d) Pollyanna had a habit of scaring people – True
(e) Nancy found Pollyanna strange and didn’t want to be her friend – False

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

(a) What did Pollyanna see out of her window?

i. a beautiful view
ii. a picture
iii. a tree

(b) When we look for things to be glad about

i. We don’t need dolls any more
ii. We easily find it
iii. We forget what we don’t have

Question 3: How did Pollyanna come out of the house?

Answer: Pollyanna came down the tree outside her window to come out of the house.

Question 4: What would she get for supper and why?

Answer: She would only get bread and milk as she was late for supper.

Question 5: Describe the game that Pollyanna learnt from her father.

Answer: Pollyanna learnt the ‘Glad Game’ from her father. The game is just to find something to be glad about everything no matter what it was.

Question 6: When she got crutches instead of dolls, how did her father help her?

Answer: Her father told her that she should be glad that she did not need the crutches.

Question 7: What did Pollyanna find to be glad about in her small horrible room?

Answer: Pollyanna found a lovely picture out of the window which made her glad in her small horrible room.

Question 8: Why did Pollyanna give Nancy a tight hug?

Answer: When Nancy agreed to play the game with her, Pollyanna gave her a tight hug.

So, these were Pollyanna Questions & Answers.

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