Neighbours Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Neighbours Questions & Answers.

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Neighbours Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Shabby – in poor condition
  • Mansion – a very large house
  • Stately – majestic
  • Enchanted – charming
  • Delights – something that gives joy
  • Splendours – luxuries
  • Objections – disapproval
  • Tossing – to move head or hair sharply
  • Bother – trouble
  • Glance – a quick look
  • Wickedly – in a playfully mischievous manner

Question 1: Why did Jo long to make friends with the Laurence boy?

Answer: Jo longed to make friends with the Laurence boy because she imagined his huge house to be like a magical palace full of enchanting and wondrous things.

Question 2: What was Jo’s first interaction with Laurie and how did Laurie respond?

Answer: Jo saw Laurie standing with his head leaning out of the window on a snowy afternoon and she threw a snowball at him. He greeted her with a big smile.

Question 3: What description did Laurie give of Beth and Amy? How did he get this information?

Answer: Laurie asked if Beth was the rosy girl who stayed at home a lot and Amy was the curly haired one. He could see them from his window and hear them calling out to one another and watch them having fun together.

Question 4: Where was Jo when she met Mr Laurence and how had she described him, thinking that she was talking to Laurie?

Answer: Jo was in Laurie’s library, looking at the painting of his grandfather and giving her opinion on it. She thought that the old man had kind eyes even though his mouth was grim. She thought that though he was not as handsome as her own grandfather, she liked him.

Question 5: Fill in the blanks:

(a) One snowy afternoon, Jo saw Laurie standing with his head leaning out of the window.
(b) It was a huge room, lined with books, pictures and statues.
(c) And you don’t find me as handsome as your grandfather!
(d) Jo gave Laurie a triumphant glance and Laurie winked back in delight.
(e) The answer pleased the old man and he had a good laugh.

Question 6: Write True or False:

(a) Mr Laurence was a stern and unfriendly person – False
(b) Jo was a fun-loving girl – True
(c) Laurie’s mansion was a warm and cosy place to live in – False
(d) Amy was a rosy girl and Beth had a head full of curly hair – False
(e) Jo was not afraid of Mr Laurence – True

So, these were Neighbours Questions & Answers.

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