Pride and Prejudice Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Pride and Prejudice Questions & Answers.

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Pride and Prejudice Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Prejudice – an unreasonable dislike of or preference for a person or a group, pride in oneself especially when it is based on one’s race, gender or religion
  • Tete-a-tete – a private conversation between two people
  • Imputed – attributed or blamed
  • Trifling – silly and unimportant
  • Abominable – terrible
  • Conceited – having too much pride in oneself
  • Censure – criticism
  • Countenance – face or features

Question 1: Why does Mrs Bennet ask Jane to ride to NetherField on horseback? What does this tell you about Mrs Bennet’s character?

Answer: Mrs Bennet wanted Jane to spend some time with Mr Bingley so, she asked Jane to ride to NetherField on horseback as she knew that the rain was about to fall and she would drench and would catch cold and fever and would not be able to come back. So, she has to stay back and thus, attract the attention and affection of Mr. Bingley. This shows that Mrs. Bennet is a shrewd woman, who could do anything for her daughters to get married to rich and affluent families.

Question 2: Why does Elizabeth dislike Mr Bingley’s sisters?

Answer: Elizabeth disliked Mr Bingley’s sisters because they seemed to be arrogant, cold and indifferent in nature. They considered themselves superior than Elizabeth.

Question 3: What is your impression of Mr Darcy? Choose any two adjectives to describe his character and explain why you think so.

Answer: Mr Darcy seems very arrogant and proudy. He is tall, good-looking and a rich man who doesn’t like to mix up with people of lower status. He believes that things ought to be done in a certain way and is firm about it.

Question 4: Write a short note on the portrayal of women characters in the comic you have just read.

Answer:  Women in the comic have been portrayed as vain and having an excessively high opinion of others’ appearances, abilities or worth. They do not have any worth while activities to do and would rather sit and discuss others.

Question 5: If you were in Elizabeth’s place, would you have gone and joined Jane where she had fallen ill? Why?

Answer:  If I were in Elizabeth’s place, I would have gone and joined Jane. Jane was sick and needed help, attention and care and it would be insensitive to leave her alone in that condition among unknown people.

Question 6: Who, according to you, is the protagonist in the comic you have just read? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Elizabeth bennet seem to be the protagonist as her choices and actions were mostly brought to the attention of the readers.

Question 7: Number these sentences in the correct order:


…3…Jane falls ill.
…5…Caroline Bingley, Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy discuss the qualities of an accomplished woman.
…1…Caroline Bingley invites Jane to her house.
…2…Mrs Bennet asks Jane to ride to NetherField on horseback instead of taking a coach.  
…4…Elizabeth walks to NetherField.

So, these were Pride and Prejudice Questions & Answers.

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