Project Tiger Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Project Tiger Questions & Answers.

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Project Tiger Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:
We were ready. Here, ‘we’ refers to:
i. the writer and his film crew.
ii. Mr Throat and his assistants.
iii. the writer and the tiger.

Answer: the writer and his film crew.

Question 2: What followed was totally unexpected. Why?

Answer: What followed next was totally unexpected because the circus tiger, being out in the open for the first time, sprang out of its cage instead of walking in a dignified way. It jumped about and rolled around, dragging its trainer along. Mr Thorat’s shocked expression conveyed this.

Question 3: According to Mr Thorat, what made the tiger to behave in unusual manner?

Answer: As the tiger was born in the circus and hardly ever released from its cage, Mr Thorat believed that the first experience of its natural habitat had made the tiger go wild.

Question 4: However, another unforeseen problem arose. What was the problem?

Answer: The problem that arose was, instead of jumping up on the stool when its trainer gave a command, the tiger totally ignored the trainer and was more interested in eating leaves in the bamboo grove. This prevented the trainer from locking the tiger in its case again.

Question 5: Choose the correct option:
This should have been the end of the story. Why was it not so?
a. Because the camera crew had not done their work properly.
b. Because the camera had not work properly.
c. Because the circus tiger had not done its work properly.

Answer: Because the camera had not work properly.

Question 6: Why was it easier for the film crew to shoot in Boral than Shiuri?

Answer: The film crew was already well-acquainted with Boral having shot a previous film called Pather Panchali there. That is why it was easier for them to shoot there.

Question 7: What happened when Mr Thorat opened the gate of the cage?

Answer: When Mr Thorat opened the gate of the cage, the tiger emerged roaring and charged straight at the villagers who had arrived to see the shooting. The crowd of about a hundred and fifty people ran for their lives.

Question 8: On the second occasion, the filming was successful. True or False.

Answer: True. This time the shooting was successful.

Question 9: After nearly five minutes of madness, the tiger finally calm down a little. Why do you think that tiger was affected by this ‘sudden taste of its natural habitat’?

Answer: The tiger was probably affected by this ‘sudden taste of its natural habitat’ because the whole experience was so new to it. Being suddenly exposed to a wide-open green space was too overwhelming for the tiger. Hence, it reacted in this wild way.

So, these were Project Tiger Questions & Answers.

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