The Pickwick Club Questions & Answers

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The Pickwick Club Questions & Answers

Question 1: Here are some words and phrases that can be used to describe a person. In the table below, match the words and phrases with the right person.


Samuel PickwickOld, bright-eyed, curious, bespectacled, large-hearted, old-fashioned
Tracy Tupmanmiddle-aged, rounded figure, romantic
Nathaniel Winkleyoung, lover of sports
Augustus Snodgrassyoung, lover of poetry
The cabmanquick-tempered, suspicious, strong, quarrelsome, aggressive

Question 2: Rearrange the following events in the order in which they occur.


…3…Six or seven other cabmen crowded around to see what was happening.
…7…The cabman threw himself at Mr Winkle, knocking all the breath out of his body.
…2…The cabman threw the money that Mr Pickwick gave him down onto the ground.
…8…The young stranger took Mr Pickwick by the arm, and helped him to his feet.
…1…Mr Pickwick’s three friends, who were waiting for him, came to greet him.
…5…Then he hit Mr Snodgrass in the eye and Mr Tupman in the waistcoat.
…4…The cabman knocked Mr Pickwick’s glasses off, hit Mr Pickwick on the nose, and again on the chest.
…6…After that he danced out onto the road. Then he danced back onto the path.
…9…He led Mr Pickwick and the others to the waiting room. He ordered some brandy and hot water for them all to drink.
…10…He ran out of the waiting room asking Mr Pickwick to pay for the drink.

Question 3: The three men who went with Mr Pickwick on his journey had a similar nature and similar interests. True or False?

Answer: False

Question 4: Complete the sentence:
The cabman thought that Mr Pickwick was a spy because

Answer: Mr Pickwick was asking him a lot of questions and noting down his replies.

Question 5: Choose the correct option:
The cabman threw the money down on the ground because
i. he felt he deserved to get more money from Pickwick.
ii. he wanted to pick a quarrel with Pickwick.

Answer: ii. he wanted to pick a quarrel with Pickwick.

Question 6: Why did Mr Pickwick take down notes? Do you think it was a wise thing to do? Why? Why not?

Answer: Mr Pickwick was taking notes because it had been decided that he would write down notes about everyone he met, everything he saw, everything that happened and everything he thought for the members of the club to read. No, it wasn’t a wise thing to do because the coachman mistook him for a spy and fought with him.

Question 7: Who is the cleverest of all in the story? Who do you think so?

Answer: The young stranger, who helped Mr Pickwick, is the cleverest of all because he tricked Mr Pickwick and his friends by getting them to pay for his drinks.

Question 8: Do you think this is a funny story? Which do you think is the most comical part of the story?

Answer: According to me, it is a funny story. The most comical part of the story is when the cabman is waving his fists about and beginning to dance around Mr Pickwick and his friends on the road.

So, these were The Pickwick Club Questions & Answers.

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