Thelma Rae Questions & Answers

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Thelma Rae Questions & Answers

Question 1: When the story started how was Thelma sitting and what was she doing?

Answer: When the story started, Thelma was sitting on the beach with blue jeans rolled up till the knees. Her toes were digged in the warm sand. She was doing something with her hands on the sand and it was looking as she was working. Her curly hair were flying with the coastal wind. Her tablet fell from her lap as she moved her leg.

Question 2: Write four things for which narrator and her friend affined for. Also give the name of their inspirational place.

Answer: The things the narrator and her friend affined for are – Chinese food, soft music, Oregon coast and writing. Their inspirational place is Simpson Beach.

Question 3: How old was the narrator when she got married? What was her baby’s name and gender? Did the baby’s name related to Thelma’s name, if yes then how?

Answer: The narrator was 25 years old when she got married. She had a girl child whose name was Tessa Rae which was related to Thelma’s middle name.

Question 4: Choose the correct option:
Thelma Rae was the narrator’s
i. mother
ii. friend
iii. mother and friend

Question 5: …..for us it had become almost a tradition. What does ‘it’ refer to?

Answer: ‘It’ refers to the tradition the narrator shared with Thelma of working together on Simpson Beach. They would both arrive with their tablets to sit and work separately and then spend quality time with each other.

Question 6: Like mot people, Thelma and the narrator went to the beach only to play. True or False?

Answer: False. Thelma and the narrator visited the beach to work and spend time with each other.

Question 7: In what ways were Thelma and the narrator ‘like two kids’?

Answer: Thelma and the narrator would throw pieces of driftwood in the surf and watched for it to come back with childlike enthusiasm.  

Question 8: It was no wonder we were best friends. Explain.

Answer: Thelma and the narrator were best friends because they shared their lives with each other. They stayed up nights talking, had similar interests (love for Chinese food, soft music, the Oregon coast) and were united in their love for writing.

Question 9: What two pieces of advice did Thelma give the narrator when she began to look for her ‘soul mate’?

Answer: Thelma told the narrator that she should judge a man’s character by observing his behaviour with children and dogs. If he treated them well and took time to love them, he was sure to be good to her too. She also told the narrator that no man is perfect so, she should find someone whose faults she can be okay with.

Question 10: Why did the narrator ‘put on a brave face’ when she entered the hospital room?

Answer: The narrator ‘put on a brave face’ when she entered the hospital room because she didn’t want to break down in front of Thelma.

Question 11: How does the narrator keep her mother’s ‘legacy’ alive?

Answer: The narrator keeps her mother’s ‘legacy’ alive by sharing her memories and her mother’s wisdom with her children. She also tries to write regularly, eat Chinese food often and visit the Oregon coast as often as she can.

Question 12: Do you think the narrator’s relationship with Thelma changed when she got married and became a mother? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: I don’t think the narrator’s relationship with Thelma changed when she got married and became a mother. Though she moved further away and became busier in her new life, she remained close to Thelma and tried to keep in touch with her as regularly as possible. The narrator even tried to coax Thelma to come and live nearer to where they were situated but Thelma didn’t want to do that.

Question 13: Did cancer affect Thelma’s outlook on life? How can you tell?

Answer: No, cancer didn’t affect Thelma’s outlook on life. She was still a vibrant person and even lectured the narrator on positive thinking.

So, these were Thelma Rae Questions & Answers.

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