Upon Westminster Bridge Questions & Answers

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The poem is written by William Wordsworth. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of A Secret For Two, Madhobi The Young Spring Flower and Everest Reactions so, you can check these posts as well.

Upon Westminster Bridge Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Majesty – splendour
  • Doth – an old word meaning does
  • Bare – revealed
  • Glittering – shining
  • Steep – here, rise
  • Splendour – magnificent and beautiful appearance
  • Glideth – here, flows

Question 1: What is the scene that William Wordsworth is describing and what time of the day is it?

Answer: William Wordsworth is describing the scene of London early in the morning at dawn break.

Question 2: What does the city of London wear?

Answer: The poet imagines that the city of London wears the beauty of the morning (silence) like a garment.

Question 3: How does the poet feel when he beholds such a breathtaking sight?

Answer: The poet is touched by the silent majesty of the city and feels calm in the splendour of the quiet dawn.

Question 4: What is the ‘garment’ the speaker refers to? Who is wearing it?

Answer: The ‘garment’ referred by the poet is the early morning beauty of the city of London. The garment is worn by the city of London.

Question 5: What do you understand by ‘The beauty of the morning: silent, bare’?

Answer: The early morning hours are beautiful because there is no noise or crowd on the streets as everyone in the city is sleeping.

Question 6: What does ‘dull of soul’ mean? Who would be a person dull of soul?

Answer: ‘Dull of soul’ means a person who will not have a sense of appreciation for things of beauty. A person who will pass by without being moved by the beauty of the early morning of the city of London will be dull of soul.

Question 7: Three things are said about ships, domes, theatres and temples. One is that they are ‘all bright and glittering in the smokeless air’. What are the other two?

Answer: The two other words are – silent and bare.

Question 8: Where do you find things like ‘valley, rock and hill’? Why does the speaker mention them in describing a city like London?

Answer: We can normally find ‘valley, rock and hill’ in rural settings. He is using these words to compare the brilliance of the sunrise in the countryside and in London.

Question 9: How does the early sun beautify the valley, rock and hill?

Answer: With its first splendour, the early sun beautifies the valley, rock and hill.

Question 10: What is meant by “houses seem asleep”?

Answer: All the people are asleep in their houses. Therefore, the poet personifies the houses as seeming to be asleep.

Question 11: What does the word ‘majesty’ tell about how Wordsworth feels about London?

Answer: The word ‘majesty’ shows us that Wordsworth thought the city was beautiful, grand and awe-inspiring. Majesty here refers to the grandeur of the city.

Question 12: What impression of London does the speaker create and how is this achieved?

Answer: The poet draws a grand and imposing picture of London. He builds the feeling of awe and grandeur through the choice of words like majesty, open unto sky, mighty, etc.

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