A Secret For Two Questions & Answers

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A Secret For Two Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The story is about

i. a milkman, Pierre, who teaches his horse how to do his work for him.
ii. a horse who spends his lifetime pulling a milk cart in Montreal.
iii. the manager, Jacques, being pleased with the years of service Pierre has given him.
iv. a milkman and his horse who work closely for many years until their passing.

(b) The cooks knew that Pierre could neither read nor write, so

i. they teased him.
ii. they called out their requirement to him.
iii. they wrote down their requirement on a paper.
iv. they telephoned the company in advance.

(c) Pierre was offered salary even after retirement as

i. he arrived on time every day.
ii. he was familiar with the area.
iii. he was the only one able to control Joseph.
iv. he had worked sincerely for over 30 years.

(d) The phrase that best expresses the story’s theme is

i. relationships are built on dependency.
ii. trust between friends can be very strong.
iii. animals can feel love just as people can.
iv. lies between people can be destructive.

Question 2: What did Pierre boast about his horse? How does Joseph show he is ‘a smart horse’?

Answer: Pierre boasted at the stable of Joseph’s (horse) skill. He said that he had never touched the reins. Joseph knew where to stop. He said that a blind man could handle his route with Joseph pulling the wagon.

Joseph showed that he was ‘a smart horse’ as he replied to the commands of Pierre by turning his head. Joseph very well knew the street and also the destinations where they had to deliver the milk.

Question 3: What does Jacques ask the president of the milk company to do for Pierre?

Answer: Jacques asked the president of the milk company to retire Pierre and give him a small pension as he was too old to work now.

Question 4: How does Pierre feel when Jacques suggests he retire? How does Pierre respond?

Answer: When Jacques suggested Pierre to retire, Pierre was panic stricken at the thought of not driving Joseph every day.

He refused to retire and said that he and his horse were two old men and pleaded that they should be let to wear out together. He said that when Joseph would be ready to retire then he too would quit.

Question 5: What dreadful news does Jacques have for Pierre one morning? How does Pierre react to the news?

Answer: The news that Jacques had for Pierre one morning was that his horse, Joseph did not wake up that morning. Pierre’s horse had died as he was very old.

Pierre was deeply saddened to hear about his horse’s death. He went off down the street and tears were rolling down his cheeks. One could hear half smothered sobs from him.

Question 6: What does the ambulance doctor tell Jacques about Pierre?

Answer: The ambulance doctor told Jacques that Pierre was blind. He told him that Pierre had been blind for five years.

Question 7: Jacques was a kind and considerate man. Justify the statement with examples from the text.

Answer: Jacques was a kind and considerate man. This is evident as he suggests the President of milk company to retire Pierre and also give him a small pension. When Pierre refused to retire and told them that he be let to wear out along with his horse, Jacques understood that both Joseph and Pierre drew some hidden strength from each other.

The kindness and consideration of Jacques comes to notice when he gives the news of Joseph’s death to Pierre. He asks Pierre to see his horse for the last time. He soothed Pierre by saying that Joseph is lying in his stall very peacefully. When Pierre was in deep pain, Jacques clapped him on his shoulder and said that they would find another horse for him and he would train him like he had trained Joseph.

So, these were A Secret For Two Questions & Answers.

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