Pushkar Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Pushkar Questions & Answers which is a travelogue by Hugh & Colleen Gantzer.

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Pushkar Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read the text given below and answer the questions:

“We risked his appearance and told him what we wanted.”

(a) Whose appearance did the narrators risk?

Answer: The narrators risked the appearance of the owner of the dhaba, where they had stopped to have some snacks.

(b) What was the ‘problem’ with ‘his’ appearance?

Answer: The Dhaba owner had the built of a wrestler and expressions of a villain. These things made him very intimidating.

(c) Why did the narrators risk his appearance?

Answer: The narrators risked his fearsome appearance as they desperately wanted to have the sweet smelling jalebis and pakoras.

Question 2: Read the text given below and answer the questions:

“What an incredible sight!”

(a) Which sight are the narrators referring to?

Answer: The narrators are referring to the panoramic view of the ghats they had enjoyed at the dawn. They could see the glowing horizon and lake shimmering like metal below it. They could also see the people taking a dip and welcoming the dawn.

(b) Where were the narrators seated?

Answer: The narrators were seated on a flat roof of a lake side building.

(c) Describe their feelings in a sentence.

Answer: They were mesmerized and awe-struck at this beautiful sight.

Pushkar Questions & Answers

Question 3: Complete the flowchart of events that take place in the story.


1. The narrators went to the dhaba to taste the jalebis and then took a photograph of a tourist sitting on a camel. He looked very nervous.

2. They walked through the crowd, cheered during the camel race and the turban tying competitions.

3. When they saw the shadows lengthening, only then they realized that an entire day had passed

4. The village people offered to share their food with the narrators when they took a walk by their tents.

5. As they sat on the roof of a building, overlooking the lake, they were able to capture some breathtaking moments and memories.

6. On the steps leading down to the lake, they witnessed people floating lamps in the ceremony of offering thanks for the year which had gone by.

Question 4: Do you think the narrator’s words describing the Pushkar fair are like pictures from a camera? Why do you think so?

Answer: This kind of writing style which builds up mental images in the minds of the readers and takes them on a virtual tour is called picturesque style. It is extensively used by travel writers as they want to give the same thrill and experience to the readers, which they themselves have had. In this travelogue also the narrators have used a lot of visual imagery and even aromas to give us a taste of travelling Pushkar fair ourselves.

Question 5: Do you think the Pushkar fair is full of contrasts? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: The Pushkar fair is indeed full of contrasts. They spotted people riding on camels as well as showing stunts on the motorbikes in the ‘Well of Death’. A contrast between old and new means of travelling. They also saw a man with mobile phones on his ears and pitchfork in his hands. A blend of modernity and tradition. Above all, men and women, old and young, natives and foreigners all contrasting groups equally enthralled in a fair, which had something for everybody.

So, these were Pushkar Questions & Answers.

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