Rats on a Train Questions & Answers

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Rats on a Train Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct answer:

1. The boys were on the way to

(a) their home
(b) their school
(c) a holiday resort

2. How do the boys treat the elderly man?

(a) They irritate and bully him.
(b) They help him.
(c) They are indifferent towards him.

3. How did the elderly man react to the boys’ behaviour?

(a) He was impatient with the boys.
(b) He was patient with the boys.
(c) He was scared of the boys.

Question 2: Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow.

1. ‘Why are you coming in here? Can’t you see that this coach is full? Go to the next coach.’

(a) Who is speaking and to whom?

Answer: Bickhun says this to the elderly man.

(b) What does the above line tell us about the speaker?

Answer: The above lines tell us that the speaker is rude and inconsiderate.

(c) What was the listener’s reaction?

Answer: He tells the boys that all the other coaches are full.

2. ‘Look at your pots. See what they have done while you were away. Mister, those horrible rats have run away with most of your food.’

(a) Who is the speaker and to whom are these lines addressed?

Answer: Bickhun says this to the elderly man.

(b) Where has the food gone?

Answer: The boys have eaten the food.

(c) What is the listener’s response?

Answer: He remains calm and says that if he had known about the rats he would have come better stocked.

3. ‘Then, you must come with us to our school. We need a Sanskrit teacher.’

(a) Who are ‘we’?

Answer: ‘We’ refers to the boys who are on their way to their school.

(b) Who is the listener?

Answer: The elderly gentleman, who had joined the boys at Arkhola, is the listener.

(c) What does the above statement tell us about the speaker’s attitude towards the listener?

Answer: This tells us that the elderly man has won over the boys’ affection and they wish to be taught by him.

Question 3: Why were the boys in an agitated mood?

Answer: The boys were in an agitated mood because they did not want a new Sanskrit teacher.

Question 4: Describe the scene in the coach when the train halted at Arkhola.

Answer: An elderly man boarded the train. He was carrying a bedroll, a few bundles, a big trunk and two large earthen pots. The boys opposed his entry saying that there was no place in the coach. The man said he would sit in a corner and not bother them at all.

Question 5: What prank did the boys play on the elderly man?

Answer: When the elderly men get off at Asansol to have a wash, the boys ate up all his food from the pots and claimed that rats had carried them away.

Question 6: What was the big surprise waiting for the boys at their final destination?

Answer: They discovered that the elderly man was their new Sanskrit teacher. They wished to be taught by him and not KaliKumar Tarkalankar, but in reality, he was master Tarkalankar himself.

So, these were Rats on a Train Questions & Answers.

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