A Kind Old Mariner Questions & Answers

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A Kind Old Mariner Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Old Peter do when he was young?

Answer: Old Peter was a sailor, and he voyaged to many foreign countries when he was young.

Question 2: What does the writer convey by the expression ‘just beyond the village’?

Answer: By the phrase ‘just beyond the village’ the writer conveys that Old Peter lived a little away from the village border.

Question 3: What made the mariner sad and silent?

Answer: The mariner’s wife and daughter had died because of a deadly fever. This made him sad and silent.

Question 4: Something prevented Old Peter from keeping his house neat and clean. What was it?

Answer: Old Peter suffered from severe pain in his legs and it prevented him from keeping his house neat and clean.

Question 5: What made old Peter shudder, even though he was safe and cosy in his cottage? What does this tell you about his nature?

Answer: The thought about the sailors at sea in stormy conditions made old Peter shudder; this tells us that he was very compassionate.

Question 6: What did Old Peter discover when he opened the door and looked out?

Answer: When Old Peter opened the door, he saw a little girl about eleven years of age crouching on the step. She was shivering with cold and was drenched in the rain.

Question 7: Why did the old mariner decide to let the little girl into his cottage?

Answer: The old mariner decided to let the little girl in because she was helpless and he felt that she was like his own girl. He thought it would be cruel to leave her outside.

Question 8: What was the offer that Old Peter made to the little girl?

Answer: Old Peter offered the little girl the job of a housekeeper. He said he was too poor to pay her well but at least she would have a home and plenty to eat.

Question 9: Once a month was over, Old Peter offered the little girl payment for her work as a housekeeper. Did she accept it? Why?

Answer: The little girl did not accept the payment that Old Peter gave. She didn’t accept it because she could not take money from a person who saved her from hunger and cold.

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