What The Birds Said Questions & Answers

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What The Birds Said Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the following sentences.

1. The special gift of Kong Hia Chiang was his ability to speak to birds and understand their language.

2. A flock of birds which sat near his window told Kong Hia Chiang about the dead sheep.

3. Kong Hia Chiang was put in prison because everyone thought that he had killed the sheep.

4. Kong Hia Chiang was able to prove his talent by the jailer’s test by telling him what the birds said when they saw the rice on the roof.

5. The king rewarded Kong Hia Chiang by inviting him to study with the princes, and making him a high-ranking official when he grew up.

Question 2: The following was told to Kong Hia Chiang by the birds. Read them and try to explain them in your own words.

1. ‘Foes approach the western border,
Banners, bows, and spears in order,
While the gate lacks watch or warder.’

Answer: The western border of the land is going to be attacked soon by the enemies carrying banners who are armed with bows and spears. This border is not protected by the soldiers, and there is no warder stationed there.

2. ‘Call a halt, call a halt;
Here is rice fresh and white;
Half is sweet, half is salt;
Stop a bit; take a bite.’

Answer: These lines are chirped by the birds that were flying over the jail. They see the rice spread over the roof. They tell other birds about it. Half of the rice is soaked in sweet water and the other half in salt water. The birds ask the other birds to stop and eat a little rice.

Question 3: What could have happened to the jailer if he had gone to the magistrate if Kong Hia Chiang was lying?

Answer: If the jailer had gone to the magistrate with a simple explanation that Kong Hia Chiang could speak to the birds and knew of the coming attack, the magistrate would not have believed him. And if Kong Hia Chiang was lying and then proven wrong, then the jailer would have been punished for wasting the magistrate’s time.

Question 4: What would have happened to the kingdom had the king and the magistrate not believed Kong Hia Chiang?

Answer: Had the magistrate and the king not believed Kong Hia Chiang, then they would not have sent soldiers to guard the western border. The enemies would have then defeated the king’s army.

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