Blue Beard Questions & Answers

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Blue Beard Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why was the man known as Blue Beard?

Answer: The man was known as Blue Beard because his beard was blue in colour.

Question 2: Using your imagination and the information gathered in the chapter, describe Blue Beard.

Answer: Bluebeard is a mighty, wealthy and cruel man, who manages to get whatever he wants and get away with anything. He is a proud owner of a blue beard, which makes him look rather ugly.

Question 3: Why were the girls hesitant to marry Blue Beard?

Answer: The girls were hesitant to marry Blue Beard because they had heard that Blue Beard had been married before. But no one knew what happened to his wives.

Question 4: Why did Fatima finally decide to marry Blue Beard?

Answer: Fatima decided to marry Blue Bird after a week’s stay in his castle. She and her sister spent the whole week dancing and feasting and were very happy. So, she agreed to marry him.

Question 5: Did you find it strange when Blue Beard asked Fatima never to open the blue closet? What might she have expected to find there?

Answer: Yes, it was strange when Blue Beard asked Fatima never to open the blue closet as she was his wife and not an outsider. She might have expected to find some treasure over there.

Question 6: Why was Fatima scared when she realised that the key to the closet was bewitched?

Answer: Fatima was scared that her husband would come to know about her opening of the Blue Closet when he would see the blood-stained key.

Question 7: In the end, Fatima was saved by the timely arrival of her brothers. Do you like the way the story of Blue Beard ends?

Answer: Yes, I liked the way the story of Blue Beard ends because in the end, Fatima’s life was saved by her two brothers from the cruel Blue Beard.

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