The Red Room Questions & Answers

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The Red Room Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the following sentences in your own words.

1. The young man seemed overconfident because – he wanted to spend a night in the Red Room in spite of the fact that anyone who had done that previously had died.

2. The three caretakers had never visited the Red Room because – they believed that there were ghosts in that room.

3. The Red Room of the Loraine castle was infamous because – people thought it was haunted and anyone who went there at night met with terrible accidents.

4. The young man told himself to be steady because – he did not want to be taken over by fear.

5. The young man did not remember where he was because – he had lost consciousness after being hit by something.

Question 2: Choose the correct answer.

1. The young man felt a little uncomfortable on his way to the Red Room. Why?

(a) The way to the Red Room was dark and shadowy, and this added to the ghostly atmosphere.
(b) He was scared of ghosts and expected them to haunt the corridors.
(c) He was in the castle against his wishes.

2. Why did the young man decide to stay in the Red Room?

(a) He wanted to break a record of surviving a haunted house.
(b) He wanted to prove that ghosts don’t exist.
(c) He wanted to prove that the old caretakers had murdered his friend.

3. The young man ensured that every part of the room was well lit because

(a) he wanted to be able to see every part of the Red Room.
(b) he was afraid of the dark.
(c) he wanted to make sure that nobody robed him while he slept.

4. The young man kept dashing across the room

(a) to look for a hidden secret door.
(b) as he could hear someone call his name.
(c) to relight the candles that kept burning out.

5. The young man discovered that the real ghost was

(a) the Countess who lived in the Castle long ago.
(b) his own dead friend.
(c) the fear of ghosts itself.

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