To a Butterfly Questions & Answers

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To a Butterfly Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Self-poised – sitting gracefully
  • Hath – has
  • My sister’s flowers – flowers of the trees that were planted by Wordsworth’s sister
  • Bough – branch of a tree

Question 1: Complete the paraphrase of the first stanza:

Answer: The poet sat for half an hour watching a butterfly sitting on a yellow flower. The butterfly was absolutely still as unmoving as frozen seas. The poet observes that the butterfly moves again only when the wind blows. He thinks that the butterfly is joyful that the breeze has found her among the trees and is calling her.

Question 2: Write True or False:

1. The poet says that the orchard-ground is his and the butterfly’s – True
2. He invites the butterfly to use the ground as its home – False
3. He promises the butterfly that it won’t be mistreated – True
4. The poet asks the butterfly to sit on the flowers as they talk – False

Question 3: Why is the poet entranced by the butterfly?

Answer: The poet is entranced by the butterfly because the butterfly is sitting gracefully on a yellow flower with no movement at all. She looks as still as a frozen sea.

Question 4: What is the poet unsure about as he watches the motionless butterfly? Why?

Answer: When the poet watches the motionless butterfly, he is unsure about little butterfly that whether she is sleeping or feeding on the flower. It is so because the butterfly does not move at all for quite half an hour.

Question 5: What is the poet inviting the butterfly to do?

Answer: The poet is inviting the butterfly to take a sunny ride on the trees and flowers in his orchid garden and request her to give some rest to her wings when she feels tired.

Question 6: What does the poet miss about his childhood days?

Answer: The poet cherished the memories of the past, when he was a child. He missed the pleasant sunshine and the beautiful summer days which were sweet and enjoyable.

Question 7: Which lines tell us that the poet is no longer a child?

Answer: The lines that tells us that the poet is no longer a child are:

And summer days, when we were young,
Sweet childish days, that were as long
As twenty days are now.

So, these were To a Butterfly Questions & Answers.

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