Ring Out Wild Bells Questions & Answers

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Ring Out Wild Bells Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Wild sky – the sky is wild because of the cold weather at the end of the year; possibly there is snowstorm
  • Frosty – extremely cold, covered with frost
  • Grief – sadness
  • Saps – makes weaker; slowly destroys
  • Feud – angry and bitter argument that existed a long time between two people or groups, causing a lot of anger or violence
  • Redress – to set right something that has gone wrong
  • Strife – a violent or an angry disagreement

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) What is a feud?

i. a kind of food
ii. a quarrel
iii. the word for the hardships of life

(b) What time of the day is described in line1-3

i. Early morning
ii. late night
iii. evening

(c) The word redress means

i. a new place
ii. a new dress
iii. justice

(d) What does the poet wish for his friend in line 4?

i. The bells should ring loudly that he wakes up
ii. Bells should stop ringing as he is sleeping
iii. The bells should ring loudly to announce his death

(e) The poet hopes that the new year

i. will be like the year that is coming to an end
ii. will bring happiness for all
iii. will last for ever

(f) The poet asks the bell to ring out_______.

i. the false
ii. the true
iii. virtue

(g) The phrasal verb ring in means

i. trap the year in a ring.
ii. welcome and embrace
iii. ring bells

(h) Which word can replace dying in the third line of the first stanza?

i. opening
ii. beginning
iii. ending

(i) Identify the poetic device in the line – ‘The year is dying in the night’

i. Alliteration
ii. Personification
iii. Metaphor

Question 2: Which words or phrases in the poem tell us that it is a cold and windy winter evening.

Answer: The phrases in the poem that tell us that it is a cold and windy winter evening are:

The flying cloud, the frosty light
Ring, happy bells, across the snow.

Question 3: What suggests that it is New Year’s Eve?

Answer: The line that suggests it is New Year’s Eve is –

The year is going, let him go.

Ring Out Wild Bells Questions & Answers

Question 4: According to the speaker, what are the things that we should ring out? Why?

Answer: According to the speaker, we should ring out grief, old ideas, feuds, dying causes, negativity, inequality and greed so that we can start the new year peacefully.

Question 5: Do you feel that the speaker is facing the new year with hope? Why do you think so?

Answer: Yes, the speaker is facing the new year with hope because from the previous year, he wants to get rid of all the negative things and welcome the new year with peace and happiness.

Question 6: What does the speaker think of the new beginning?

Answer: The speaker is glad to hear the bells ringing out the old year and bringing new hopes with noble mode of life and pure laws.

Question 7: What is the theme of the poem ‘Ring Out Wild Bells’?

Answer: The poem is about the new year and all the ways the world could change for the better. The poet says ring out all the negatives and ring in more positive things.

Question 8: How does the poet portray nature in his poem?

Answer: The poet portrayed nature in his poem that it was cold and windy frosty night.

Question 9: According to the poet, should we change?

Answer: According to the poet, we should forget our past and proceed to our bright future.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

(a) Why would grief sap the mind?

Answer: When a person is in a sad mood, he could hardly concentrate anywhere as sadness absorbs the person’s happiness, energy and it affects his mind as well.

(b) What are the things that lead to a feud between the rich and the poor?

Answer: Rich people not only have the basic amenities but can also fulfill their desires. On the other hand, poor people can hardly make their both ends meet. This inequality leads to a feud between the rich and the poor.

(c) In what ways can the wrongs in society be corrected?

Answer: According to the poet, the laws are made in such a way that every section of the society should be benefitted. This way the wrongs in society be corrected.

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