A Rare Species of Uncle Questions & Answers

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A Rare Species of Uncle Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Rare species – an unusual type
  • Ornithologist – a person who studies or is an expert in birds
  • Habitat – the place where a particular type of animal or plant is normally found
  • Envied – felt jealous of
  • Dive – jump in
  • Grumble – complain about something
  • Croaky – deep and rough
  • Peered at – look closely
  • Trails – paths that are followed for a particular purpose

Question 1: The narrator says that her family was nature-friendly. Do you agree with her? Why/Why not?

Answer: Yes, the narrator’s family was nature-friendly because they used to have many discussions of environment, habitat and ecosystem at their home and also used to go for walks exploring the nature beauty.

Question 2: What was the secret bird-finding talent that Salim mamoo possessed as a birdwatcher?

Answer: The secret bird-finding talent that Salim mamoo possessed as a birdwatcher was that he could see and hear what the others couldn’t. He could walk more miles than others much younger than he. He could walk for hours in the hot sun and climb up a shaky ladder to peer into a bird’s nest.

Question 3: Did Salim mamoo like children? How do you know?

Answer: Yes, Salim mamoo liked children. Though he used to scold them but the next moment he would make up with them by making funny faces. Sometimes, he would even take them for rides and bird watching along with him.

Question 4: Why did Salim mamoo always have a small army of followers?

Answer: Being a great bird watcher, Salim Mamoo had a vast knowledge about birds. So, he always had a small army of followers who accompanied him on bird watching walks hoping to learn from him.

Question 5: Do you think birdwatching was just a hobby for Salim mamoo? Was he interested only in special birds? Explain.

Answer: I think that birdwatching was not just a hobby for Salim mamoo. The narrator remembers the delight on Salim mamoo’s face when he saw a bird. No, he was not only interested in special birds. For him, even it was a bee-eater or a drongo, it used to bring a special light to his face. He would always be in some jungle or desert looking for birds.

Question 6: What effect did Salim mamoo have on his family members?

Answer: The family members also started taking interest in birds along with him. There used to be discussions about environment and nature during dinners.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

Once, my cousin and I decided to bake a cake for him on his birthday. It came out looking a small, rocky hill.

(a) What looked like a rocky hill?

Answer: The cake that the children made looked like a rocky hill.

(b) For whom was the cake made?

Answer: The cake was made for Salim mamoo on his birthday.

(c) What was Salim mamoo’s reaction on this?

Answer: When Salim mamoo tried to cut the cake, it fell on the floor and did not break. Seeing this, he was happy that the cake did not fall on his foot.

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