Tamarind Questions & Answers

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Tamarind Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Tamarind – a type of tree that produces tamarind fruit, which is often used in cooking especially in Asian countries
  • Winding – curving
  • Drew me – called me
  • Boughs – branches
  • Search in vain – search without finding
  • Magnificent – grand
  • Ripped apart – pulled out
  • Soul – here, a very important part of me

Question 1: What does the tree give each year?

Answer: Each year, the tree gives fruit and shade and drew the poet back.

Question 2: Where does the poet love to sit?

Answer: The poet loves to sit under the shady branches and take rest for a while gazing at the distant blue hills.

Question 3: Did the poet find the tree after coming back? Why?

Answer: No, the poet could not find the tree as it had been cut.

Question 4: What does the poet do seeing an empty hole?

Answer: The poet was quite shocked to find that the tree has been uprooted. His eyes were filled with tears as he felt that an important part of his life was not there and what is left now is an empty hole.

Question 5: Why do you think the poet calls the tree ‘my’ tamarind?

Answer:  The poet seems to have spent a good time sitting beneath the shady boughs of the tamarind tree. He had rested in it shade, gazed at the blue hills, laughed and smiled under the tree. So, he uses the word ‘my’ out of his love and affection for the tamarind tree.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

And now that I am back.

(a) Where had the poet gone?

Answer: I think, the poet, must have gone to a distant place for many days like his grandparents’ house or may be to a boarding school and must have returned after many days.

(b) How does he feel now?

Answer: He felt like he had ‘lost his soul’, which means that the tree was such an important part of his life that he now feels incomplete without its presence.

(c) Why does he feel this way?

Answer: The poet feels very sad and disheartened at the loss of his dear friend, his favorite tamarind tree.

Question 7: I listen to my heart. What do you think the poet hears?

Answer: I feel, the poet who had been looking for the tamarind tree all over the place was feeling sad for the tamarind tree, which has been ripped apart. He was broken from inside to lose his dear friend.

Question 8: In the last line, the speaker says that there is merely an empty hole. What does the word ‘empty’ mean here? Is there just one meaning or could it have other meanings?

Answer: By ‘merely an empty hole’ the poet means that only a hole is left from where the tree has been uprooted. It also indicates the emptiness in poet’s life after the loss of his dear friend, the tamarind tree.

So, these were Tamarind Questions & Answers.

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