Reaching the Unreached Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Reaching the Unreached Questions & Answers.

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Reaching the Unreached Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) What was Romesh’s age?

i. 12
ii. 13
iii. 14
iv. 15

(b) Romesh was from_____

i. Hyderabad
ii. Bihar
iii. Kerala
iv. Andhra

(c) How many sisters did Romesh have?

i. 1
ii. 2
iii. 3
iv. 4

(d) Romesh came to Hyderabad

i. To visit some friends
ii. To see Charminar
iii. To study
iv. To find a new future

(e) Romesh was working as a

i. Rag picker
ii. driver
iii. waiter
iv. manager

(f) Romesh was working as a ________ in a house.

i. supervisor
ii. servant
iii. cook
iv. manager

(g) When owners left the home, Shanti was

i. was asked to sit outside the home.
ii. was asked to go the neighbour’s home.
iii. locked in a room.
iv. was taken along with owners.

(h) The child helpline number is

i. 1096
ii. 1097
iii. 1098
iv. 1099

Question 2: Who rescued the two children? Where did they take them to?

Answer: Some rescuer called 1098 helpline and Romesh got a helping hand from “The Child Line”. He is now one of the beneficiaries of Andhra Pradesh State based project for the Elimination of Child Labour.

Informed by the neighbours, Shanti was rescued by the “Child Labour Enforcement Team” and was taken to a girls’ transit home.

Question 3: What is the role of CRY?

Answer: Child Rights and You (CRY) is an organization that believes that children are citizens and they have their own rights. They partner some basic level organizations working for children, their parents and communities. CRY’s role is that of a bridge between child developmental organizations and people working for marginalized children. They gather the support, money and time of the Indians around the world and thousands of field workers across India who struggle to enrich the lives of children.

Question 4: Two organisations are working to save the destitutes. What are they?

Answer: The organisations that are working to save the destitutes are:

  • Child Rights and You (CRY)
  • Save our Soul (SOS)

Question 5: How does SOS work?

Answer: SOS Children’s Villages is an independent, non-governmental, social development organisation that provides family-based care for children in India since 1964. It advocates the concerns, rights and needs of children. focuses on strengthening families, helping them to stay together during difficult times and provide the best care possible to their children.
SOS Children’s Village experts work with families to help them develop a wide range of skills, from house-hold budget planning, how to get a job and earning a living, to bonding with a child or young person and learning to create a stable family life at home.

So, these were Reaching the Unreached Questions & Answers.

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