The Cry of Children Questions & Answers

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The Cry of Children Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Weary – tired and lost all the strength
  • Meadows – land that is covered with grass
  • Merely – only
  • Sorely – in a painful manner
  • Drooping – hanging downward
  • Pale – not bright/ light in colour

Question 1: What kind of places are the children working in?

Answer: The children are working in the places such as iron factories, coal factories, tea-stalls, shops, hotels, automobile shops, fields, etc. The places are dark underground or hot factory sheds.

Question 2: ‘The reddest flower would look as pale as snow.’ What does the phrase ‘reddest flower’ refer to? Why does it become pale?

Answer: The phrase ‘reddest flower’ refers to the blood-coloured eye of the child which becomes pale as the child is very tired working in coal factories. The eyes of the children are very red in colour because of their restlessness and sleeplessness. The happiest and the brightest part in one’s life is his childhood but for child labourers, it is the saddest part.

Question 3: How does the work affect the children?

Answer: The heavy work in dark, hot places makes children very tired. Their knees ache and tremble and they can’t run or leap as normal children can. They are not playful and want to sleep. They are quite unhappy with their life.

Question 4: Do children enjoy their lives when engaged in work?

Answer: When engaged in work, children don’t enjoy their lives because they don’t find any time to play.

Question 5: If the poem were written from the point of view of a factory owner, what kind of things would he say about children?

Answer: If the poem were written from the point of view of a factory owner, he would say that the children were sitting leisurely and were not doing their work properly. He would say that the children had to work hard.

Question 6: What is the poet’s attitude towards child labour? Pick out the words / expressions that reveal her attitude.

Answer: The poet is against child labour so, her sympathies are with them. She feels that these children are leading miserable life. The expressions, “we are weary and we can’t run or leap”, “Our knees upon our faces”, “we drag our burden tiring”, “we drive the wheels of iron”, etc. reveal her attitude and the whole poem depicts that her heart cries for them.

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