Robin Questions & Answers

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Robin Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Autumn – the season before winter, when leaves fall from the trees
  • Might – strength
  • Praise – appreciate; offer thanks (through worship)
  • Wintry – cold, like the winter season

Question 1: What are the four seasons?

Answer: The four seasons are -Spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Question 2: When does Robin sing with all his might?

Answer: Robin sings with all his might in the summer.

Question 3: What does Robin say about autumn?

Answer: Robin says that in autumn there are fruits for everyone. We should give praise at this time.

Question 4: When can we still hear Robin’s song?

Answer: We can still hear Robin’s song in the cold and wintry weather.

Question 5: What does Robin say in the spring?

Answer: In the spring, Robin says that he told us that winter would go away.

Question 6: Do you think Robin is a happy bird? Why?

Answer: Since Robin sings throughout the year, with a note of hope, he must be happy.

Question 7: Which of the following words best describe Robin? Say why?

i. careful
ii. clever
iii. hopeful
iv. sorrowful

Answer: The Robin is hopeful. He sings and is happy; he knows that spring will return even when the winter might seem cold and long.

Question 8: Write True or False:

(a) Robin sang sweetly throughout the year – True
(b) Robin sang with all his might in the winter – False
(c) Robin says we should all give praise in the spring – False
(d) Robin stopped singing in the cold winter – False
(e) Summer comes immediately after autumn – False

Question 9: Read the line and answer the questions:

In the cold and wintry weather,
Still hear his song.

(a) Who is singing?

Answer: Robin is singing.

(b) What does the word ‘still’ tell us about the singer?

Answer: It tells us that Robin has been singing all along, through spring, summer, and autumn and now in the winter too, he is still singing.

(c) What reason does the singer give for singing during the winter?

Answer: ‘Somebody must sing, or winter will seem long.’

So, these were Robin Questions & Answers.

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