Pothole Questions & Answers

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Pothole Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Compost – a mixture of leaves and manure used to improve soil
  • Blazing – shining brightly and hot
  • Oncoming – coming nearer
  • Gaping – wide open
  • Rags – scraps of cloth
  • Finally – at last
  • Victim – a person who suffers injury or is harmed

Question 1: What had happened to the car that Priya saw from her window?

Answer: The car was stuck in the road that Priya saw from her window.

Question 2: Who was fixing the wheel of the car?

Answer: The driver was fixing the wheel of the car.

Question 3: When did a traffic jam occur and why?

Answer: The traffic jam was occurred on August 1 due to the big pothole in the road.

Question 4: How many accidents had taken place in two weeks?

Answer: Auto got stuck, a cyclist fell into gutter, Lorry had a puncture and so many other accidents had taken place in two weeks.

Pothole Questions & Answers

Question 5: Which words are used to describe the pothole?

Answer: The words – dangerous road and a gaping mouth are used to describe the pothole.

Question 6: Which things did Priya collect together?

Answer: Priya collected some compost, a few flowering shrubs, an old watering can with water, three large sheets of card and some wood.

Question 7: Where did Priya place the three signs that she had made?

Answer: Priya placed the three signs that she had made onto the side of the road.

Question 8: Find words for the following from the text:

(a) A class or school for very young children – Kindergarten
(b) A channel at the edge of a street – pothole
(c) A small woody plant – shrub
(d) A mixture of leaves and manure – compost
(e) An unexpected and undesirable event – accident
(f) The outer or topmost part of something – surface

Question 9: Who said these words?

(a) ‘And that’s another one!’

Answer: Priya

(b) ‘Please do something about it now.’

Answer: Priya

(c) ‘I wish they would hurry up; it’s so hot!’

Answer: Mother

(d) ‘The editor will like this one.’

Answer: Priya

(e) ‘Thanks to her, our children will be safe.’

Answer: Parents

So, these were Pothole Questions & Answers.

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