Running Away Questions & Answers

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Running Away Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Battle – a fight between two armies at a war
  • Set out – began the journey
  • Enormous – very large in size
  • Prominent – easily seen
  • Desperately – in a hurried way
  • Howled – made a loud sound
  • Ablaze – burning fiercely
  • Chaos – complete confusion
  • Peered – looked with difficulty because of smoke

Question 1: Fill in the blanks.

(a) It was nearly eleven when I set out to drive my cart to Maybury.
(b) I crawled out almost immediately and hid under a bush.
(c) I walked up the hillside.
(d) The soldier was a part of the army sent to talk to the Martians.
(e) The soldier had lain still till the tripods left.

Question 2: Tick the correct answer.

(a) The narrator set out for Maybury in spite of the Martian attack because

i. there was no one else.
ii. he heard that the army had spoken to Martians.
iii. he wanted to know the battle between the men and the Martians would end.

(b) The Narrator’s horse started racing down the hill because

i. it was startled by the sudden burst of the thunder and lightning.
ii. it was frightened of the bright green light.
iii. it saw the green fire burning the trees around it.

(c) The narrator panicked when

i. he realised that the thing moving down the hill was Martians.
ii. he understood that there were two Martians near him and one of them was rushing towards him.
iii. his cart toppled over on one side.

(d) The narrator did not try to go towards Maybury Bridge because

i. he was very tired and was afraid of running into more Martians.
ii. he knew that the Martians had destroyed the bridge.
iii. he wanted to check if his house was intact.

(e) The narrator invited the soldier into his house because

i. he saw the soldier was injured.
ii. he wanted to know what happened when the army met the Martians.
iii. he wanted to help the soldier to hide from the Martains and protected him.

(f) By the morning light, the speaker and the soldier could see

i. the smoke rising from the burning ground.
ii. the Martians were examining how much they had damaged the surroundings.
iii. people running away from the Martians.

Question 3: Who has arrived from Mars?

Answer: Two creatures had arrived on Earth from Mars.

Question 4: How did the Martians kill them all?

Answer: The Martians flashed a green light and silently kill them all.

Question 5: Where did the narrator live?

Answer: The narrator lived in Maybury.

Running Away Questions & Answers

Question 6: Who was a ‘Walking Machine’?

Answer: The ‘Walking Machine’ described by the narrator here is the enormous tripod, higher than the houses in which the Martians has arrived on the Earth.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

‘What is this?’ I thought. ‘What is going on?’

(a) What was the narrator thinking about?

Answer: The narrator was thinking about the prominent red glow that had mixed with the black clouds in the sky.

(b) What did it turn out to be in the end?

Answer: It turned out to be the third Martian.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

I crawled out almost immediately and hid under a bush.

(a) Where was the narrator?

Answer: The narrator’s cart toppled over on its side and he fell into a shallow pool of water.

(b) How did this save him?

Answer: As soon as the narrator fell into the shallow pool of water, he immediately crawled out and hid himself under a bush. This saved him from getting noticed by the Martians.

Question 9: Near the top, I fell over something soft. What did the narrator fall down over?

Answer: The narrator fell over the remains of his neighbourhood shop which was completely burned.

Question 10: ‘Are they intelligent machines?’ Why did the speaker wonder about this?

Answer: The speaker wondered about this because it had destroyed everything.

Question 11: “Are you trying to hide?” Who said these words to whom?

Answer: The narrator said these words to the soldier.

Question 12: Read and answer the questions:

“What happened?” I asked.

(a) What did the speaker want to know about?

Answer: The speaker wanted to know about the outcome of the battle between the Martians and the army that was sent to talk to the Martians.

(b) What did the soldier tell him?

Answer: The soldier told him that the army did not have a chance as the Martians were not ready to talk to the army. The Martians flashed the green light and killed everyone.

So, these were Running Away Questions & Answers.

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