Sam And The Secret Call Questions & Answers

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Sam And The Secret Call Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Chugged out – moved slowly towards the sea making the sound of an engine
  • Horizon – the line at which the sky and the sea appear to meet
  • Choppy – rough with many waves because of strong winds
  • Relieved – did not feel frightened anymore
  • Glinting – sparkling

Question 1: Where did Sam and his family decide to go?

Answer: Sam and his family decided to go out to their favourite restaurant, ‘Ocean’.

Question 2: What was the special ability that Armando possessed?

Answer: Armando had a secret call that brings the dolphins to him.

Question 3: Why did Sam feel sleepy?

Answer: Sam had got on the boat after lunch. Moreover, the gentle breeze and the soothing and relaxing sound of the sea lulled him into sleep.

Question 4: It was the most amazing game Sam had ever played. Describe the game that Sam played.

Answer: When Sam jumped into water, a few dolphins leaped through the air, then dived just below the surface while Sam swam alongside. The other dolphins swam close by as if trying to catch them. This was the amazing game that Sam had ever played.

Question 5: What did Sam do while the dolphins were pushing the boat? Why?

Answer: Sam was checking on Armando when the dolphins were pushing the boat. He was making sure that Armando was comfortable and was worried about him because he had hurt his head.

Question 6: How did Armando feel when he saw the dolphins pushing their boat?

Answer: Armando was pleasantly surprised and could not believe that so many dolphins had come to their rescue when Sam whistled to them.

Question 7: “Sam was so relieved that he wanted to cry.” Why did he feel relieved?

Answer: Sam was afraid when Armando was knocked out and he wasn’t aware what to do. However, he felt relieved to see the dolphins as he knew that the boat was now safe and the dolphins would take care of it.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

“He put his thumbs in his mouth in the correct position and blew through the gap between them.”

(a) Who is he and where was he?

Answer: He refers to Sam and he was in the boat, in the middle of the sea.

(b) What was he trying to do?

Answer: He was trying to call the dolphins by whistling as taught by Armando.

(c) Could he succeed?

Answer: Yes, he was successful and the whole school of dolphins came to their rescue.

Question 9: At first, Armando hesitated before teaching Sam to whistle. He was glad later on that he had taught Sam how to whistle. Give reasons for both of Armando’s feelings.

Answer: At first, Armando hesitated before teaching Sam to whistle because he thought that Sam was a young boy and could misuse the knowledge by calling the dolphins any time.

Later, when Armando came to know that Sam used the whistle to save their life by using the knowledge wisely and cleverly, he felt glad.

Question 10: Why did Armando ask dolphins to rest?

Answer: Armando asked dolphins to rest because he felt they would be tired as they were pushing the boat for a long time in rough waters.

Question 11: At the end of the story, Armando was talking to Sam, but Sam wasn’t listening? Why? What was he thinking?

Answer: Sam wasn’t listening when Armando was talking because he was busy watching the last of the dolphins flying like a bird through the golden water and their majestic fin glinting in the rays of the setting sun. He had the most adventurous day of his life.

So, these were Sam And The Secret Call Questions & Answers.

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