Old Mister Laughter Questions & Answers

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Old Mister Laughter Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • a-grinnin – smiling broadly
  • An’ – and
  • Fret – be worried
  • Epitaph – words written on the gravestone of a dead person


Through this poem, the poet wants to convey a message of always staying cheerful and having a positive spirit. The poet has used the character ‘Old Mister Laughter’ who passes through the town, grinning and singing. He tells us not to bother much about the problems as they will surely go away. He says that we can worry about our problems tomorrow and should make the most of this bright and sunny day as it will be over soon. He stops by people’s homes, telling them to be happy with what they have and not to be greedy for money. ‘Old Mister Laughter’ says that there is no point in having a lot of money if you cannot enjoy it. Grinning and singing, he continues going around the town, telling people to keep smiling as long as they are alive and spreading the message that being happy is more important than being famous and rich.

Question 1: The speaker asks us not to think too much about three things. What are they?

Answer: The three things that the speaker asks us not to think too much about are:

  • Troubles
  • Money
  • Fame

Question 2: Explain the lines:

Answer: In these lines, the poet wants to say that we have a new day with the rising sun and many new opportunities will come your way. He says that just like flowers, we should smile and should not worry much about tomorrow. We should appreciate what we have today and can put off worrying to later.

Question 3: ‘Don’t go after money, when you’ve got enough and more.’ Which negative quality of human beings does the speaker hint at, through this line? Why is this quality not good to have?

Answer: Through this line, the speaker wants to hint at the negative quality of the humans which is greed. Humans have the habit of running behind money. They always want more and are never satisfied with what they have and this makes them restless and unhappy.

Question 4: ‘Keep the smiles a-goin’, Till they write your epitaph. Why does the speaker talk about epitaphs?

Answer: The speaker talks about epitaphs as he wants to say that we should always keep smiling as long as we are alive. Secondly, people should remember us as someone who was always cheerful and happy when they read our epitaphs.

Question 5: When the speaker speaks about laughing, what does he actually mean?

Answer: More than the literal sense, the poet refers to being cheerful and not worrying about unimportant things.

Question 6: The language used in this poem is not poetic but very similar to how people commonly speak. Is there a reason why he uses such language?

Answer: The poet has used the language which common people speak so that it is understood by all and it feels as if a friend is talking to us thereby giving the feeling of lightness and friendliness.

So, these were Old Mister Laughter Questions & Answers.

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