Demosthenes Questions & Answers

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Demosthenes Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The first orator to impress Demosthenes was

i. Pericles
ii. Callistratus
iii. Satyrus

(b) As the first step towards becoming an orator, Demosthenes

i. studied history and wrote and listened to speeches.
ii. went to listen to famous orators.
iii. took lessons from his tutor.

(c) After he won the case against his guardians, Demosthenes went on to

i. address the people of Greece.
ii. speak again in the court of law.
iii. speak in the assembly of Athens.

(d) Demosthenes practiced his speech with pebbles in his mouth because

i. it helped in making his speech loud and clear.
ii. it helped him in training his breath.
iii. it helped him to add drama to his speech.

Question 2: How did Demosthenes react to the laughter and jeers?

Answer: When the crowd laughed and jeered at him, Demosthenes stopped his speech and left the place. Though, he felt hurt and saddened but soon, he began to take steps to overcome his problem.

Question 3: Why did Demosthenes not trust his guardians?

Answer: Demosthenes’ father left him a fortune but his guardians did not take care of his money. They lost some of it and spent some on themselves. So, in the end, they did not have enough money to give Demosthenes good education and that is why Demosthenes did not trust his guardians.

Question 4: Why did people make fun of Demosthenes?

Answer: People made fun of Demosthenes because his voice was weak, his words were not clear and he stammered as well.

Question 5: What did Demosthenes learn from Callistratus speech?

Answer: Demosthenes noticed that Callistratus speech was filled with drama and purpose. He understood that the power of words would make people agree with him and believe him.

Demosthenes Questions & Answers

Question 6: In what ways did the old man and Satyrus inspire Demosthenes?

Answer: After Demosthenes’ failed attempt, he was filled with shame and left the assembly. He decided that he would never speak in public again. An old man who had heard him speak in the assembly praised him and told him that his speech reminded him of the great orator, Pericles. He told Demosthenes not to give up so, Demosthenes felt encouraged and tried again.

When Demosthenes failed for the second time, he left the assembly, hiding his face in his cloak. Satyrus followed him and consoled him and made him realise that he must not only read or recite his speeches but he must also act them out.

Question 7: What did Demosthenes do at the seashore?

Answer: Demosthenes shouted his speech with pebbles in his mouth at the seashore. He practiced speaking as he walked or ran along the seashore. He raised his voice so that he could be heard over the roaring waves. All these trained his breath, voice and tone.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

He told him that his speech reminded him of great orator, Pericles.

(a) When did this conversation happen?

Answer: This conversation happened after Demosthenes’ first speech in the Assembly of Athens.

(b) What do you learn about the old man from this line?

Answer: We learnt that the old man was very kind, compassionate and encouraging. Knowing that Demosthenes would be disappointed, he spoke to him to encourage him.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

A sailor with a foolish story will make them applaud, while if I tell them tales of the glorious deeds of their own countrymen, they do not care.”

(a) What does Demosthenes think about his people?

Answer: Demosthenes thinks that his people lack patriotism and only want to hear about humour.

(b) How does Demosthenes feel at this time? Why is that so?

Answer: Demosthenes felt bad at this time as he didn’t get that response which he had expected to get.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

He could not believe that they were the same lines.

(a) Who is with Demosthenes at this point and what are they talking about?

Answer: Satyrus, an actor was with Demosthenes at this point and they were talking about Demosthenes’s speech.

(b) Why did the same lines sound different?

Answer: When Satyrus spoke the lines with energy, his voice rose and fell as he enacted the lines, the same lines sounded different.

So, these were Demosthenes Questions & Answers.

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