Scaffolding Questions & Answers

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Scaffolding Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Scaffolding – a temporary structure on the outside of a building made of wooden planks and metal poles
  • Plank – a long narrow piece of board, used especially for making a structure to walk on
  • Mason – a person skilled in cutting and laying stone in buildings

Question 1: What do masons test when they build a wall?

Answer: When the masons build a wall, they carefully test each and every point of the scaffolding so that the planks won’t slip and the ladders are strong enough.

Question 2: How is scaffolding tested?

Answer: Scaffolding is tested by making sure that planks won’t slip at busy points and secure all ladders by tightening the bolted joints.

Question 3: What happens to the scaffolding once the wall is built?

Answer: Once the wall is built, the scaffolding is removed completely after ensuring the strong bonding in each and every point of the constructed wall.

Question 4: What can be seen once the scaffolding is removed?

Answer: When the scaffolding is removed, a beautiful wall/ building with strong bonding can be seen.

Question 5: Why doesn’t the speaker fear the breaking of bridges?

Answer: According to the speaker, if the wall of a relationship is built strongly then it will withstand forever and will not get affected by misunderstandings and conflicts.

Question 6: What does the speaker feel confident about?

Answer: The speaker feels confident about the wall of a relationship which is built strongly without any external support.

Scaffolding Questions & Answers

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

(a) Who has to make sure that planks don’t slip at busy points?

Answer: Masons have to make sure that planks don’t slip at busy points. This means that people in relationship should make sure that when some difficulties arise, they should stay together to solve the problems and the relationship won’t fall.

(b) What is being made?

Answer: Scaffolding is being made to construct a building. Here, the poet is telling about the making of friend.

(c) Why should the ladders be secured?

Answer: The ladders are secured, so that masons do not fall on the ground while working. Here, the poet is actually saying that the ladder should be secured in order to make the strong bond of relationship for providing reliability.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

(a) Why does the poet use the word “yet” in the first line?

Answer: The poet uses the word “yet” in the first line to emphasize the fact that even though the scaffolding supports the building but it will be removed when the job is done. Here, the poet wants to say that the solid structure of friendship remains after the scaffolding is removed.

(b) What does all this refer to?

Answer: All this is referred to the “scaffolding and the planks”. Here, the poet is referring to the entire information collected about the person, with whom a relation is going to be established.

(c) What ‘job’ is being mentioned here?

Answer: “Construction of a building” is a job mentioned here. The poet is talking about all the materials/stuffs needed to make the relationship strong.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

(a) Whom is the speaker asking not to fear?

Answer: The speaker is referring the “couples” not to fear.

(b) What does the wall symbolize?

Answer: The wall symbolizes strength of the relationship.

(c) Why is the speaker confident?

Answer: The speaker is confident because a strong wall of relationship is built. With this solid foundation of the relationship, any misunderstanding will be cleared up and all the conflicts will be resolved.

So, these were Scaffolding Questions & Answers.

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