Earthquake In Assam Questions & Answers

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Earthquake In Assam Questions & Answers

Question 1: When did earthquake occur in Bengal and Assam?

Answer: Earthquake occurred on 12th June, 1897 in Bengal and Assam.

Question 2: What is a sure sign of a natural disaster approaching, according to the writer?

Answer: According to the writer, the hideous noise of the animals was a sure sign of a natural disaster approaching.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

‘The crows all took wing, wheeling wildly overhead and cawing loudly.’

(a) Why were the crows wheeling wildly?

Answer: The crows were wheeling wildly as they were scared of the upcoming disaster.

(b) According to the writer, why did they do so?

Answer: They did so because they could sense the approach of the earthquake.

(c) How were the other animals and birds reacting?

Answer: The animals began making a hideous noise. The crows cawed loudly, the chickens flapped in circles and the dogs started jumping.

Question 4: What were the grandparents doing when earthquake occurred?

Answer: The grandfather was in his bath, splashing about and the grandmother was in the garden, hanging out or taking in the washing as she could not remember what exactly she was doing when the earthquake occurred.

Question 5: Why was the grandmother experiencing difficulty in standing straight?

Answer: The grandmother was experiencing difficulty in standing straight because her knees were trembling in fear.

Question 6: What time did grandfather usually have his bath?

Answer: Grandfather usually had his bath in the morning every day.

Question 7: Why was the grandfather unable to open the door?

Answer: The grandfather was unable to open the door because it was blocked with boxes and furniture.

Earthquake In Assam Questions & Answers

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

At first I did not realise what it was that caused my tub to sway about and the water to splash.

(a) Who is the speaker here? Where is the speaker at this moment?

Answer: The narrator’s grandfather is the speaker here. The speaker is in the bath tub.

(b) What was it that the speaker did not realise?

Answer: The speaker did not realise that the movements were the first tremors of the earthquake.

(c) What was the reaction of the speaker?

Answer: The speaker rose and found the earth heaving. He rushed to the inner door.

Question 9: What were the great clouds of dust that the girl wrote about in The Englishman?

Answer: The great clouds of dust that the girl wrote about in The Englishman were actually the houses falling and the Earth slipping from the sides of the hills.

Question 10: How did the people of Calcutta react to the earthquake?

Answer: The people of Calcutta were in a state of panic and were expecting it to recur. Their nerves were on edge and they slept in the open or in carriages.

Question 11: What makes animals sense danger from a natural disaster even before human beings sense it? Discuss.

Answer: The keen senses of animals help them detect an upcoming disaster. They can sense the earth’s vibrations. They can also detect changes in the air or gases released by the earth. Therefore, according to the writer the animals could sense the upcoming earthquake before the human beings.

Question 12: Read and answer the questions:

‘The back door was the only way of escape.’

(a) Whose escape is being talked about here?

Answer: The escape of the narrator’s grandfather is being talked about here.

(b) Why did the speaker want to escape?

Answer: The speaker wanted to escape as he and his family were experiencing a terrific earthquake and their house was about to crumble down.

(c) What was wrong with the inner door?

Answer: The inner door was blocked with boxes and furniture.

Question 13: Read and answer the questions:

‘The Brahmaputra burst its banks…………….of the man we mourn.’

(a) Who drowned in the floods?

Answer: Many cultivators as well as a tiger were drowned in the floods.

(b) What did the two elephants do in North Bhagalpur?

Answer: In North Bhagalpur, two elephants sat down in the bazaar and refused to get up until the following morning.

(c) How many men were at work in Shillong’s government printing press?

Answer: Over a hundred men were at work in Shillong’s government printing press.

(d) Who was Mr McCabe?

Answer: He was a British official.

Question 14: Write True or False:

(a) Grandfather used to love having a bath – True
(b) It is said that the plateau of Shillong has moved away from the Brahmaputra towards the Bay of Bengal – True
(c) Grandmother could not recall if she was hanging out or taking in the washing – True
(d) The author was able to get a clear picture of the earthquake by looking at the newspaper accounts – False
(e) While most houses collapsed where they stood, Government House did not fall – False
(f) The actual reason for grandmother’s inability to stand straight was the trembling of the ground – False

So, these were Earthquake In Assam Questions & Answers.

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