It Couldn’t Be Done Questions & Answers

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It Couldn’t Be Done Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Chuckle – a quiet laugh
  • Tackled – dealt with
  • Scoffed – made fun of
  • Quiddit – intentional misspelling of quibbling which means to argue about something unimportant
  • Prophesy – foretell what shall happen in the future
  • Assail – worry, attack

Question 1: What did somebody say?

Answer: Somebody said that it could not be done, meaning the task could not be taken up.

Question 2: What was the man’s reaction? How did he reply to the challenge?

Answer: The man was unaffected by the discouragement and replied with a chuckle that maybe the task couldn’t really be done but he would not say so until he had tried doing it himself.

Question 3: Which phrase tells us that the man is ready to face the task?

Answer: The phrase that tells us that the man is ready to face the task is –
‘he buckled right in’.

Question 4: What expressions did he exhibit while trying the impossible?

Answer: He wore a cheerful expression and showed no worry. He started to sing as he worked on the task.

Question 5: Explain the phrase – ‘tackled the thing’.

Answer: The phrase – ‘tackled the thing’ means that the man dealt with the task without fear.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

(a) Pick out a synonym for mocked.

Answer: The synonym for mocked is scoffed.

(b) How did somebody discourage the man?

Answer: Somebody discouraged the man by reminding him that he would never be able to do the impossible task since no one had ever been successful in doing that.

(c) What two things did the man do before beginning the task?

Answer: Before beginning the task, the man took off his coat and hat and started to sing.

(d) What were some of the indications of his confidence?

Answer: The lift of his chin and his unbothered grin indicated that he was confident.

(e) Why do you think he started to sing?

Answer: The man started to sing to put his own worries at rest before starting the task. Also, to prove to those who disheartened him that he was not fearful of the work in hand.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

(a) Pick out a synonym for foretell.

Answer: The synonym for mocked is prophesy.

(b) What do most people prophesise when someone tries something new?

Answer: When someone tries to do something new, most people prophesise his failure at the task. This is because they feel that predicting the result of a task would make us better prepared for the consequences and keep us safe from disappointment.

(c) What do they warn about?

Answer: They warn about the dangers and threats one might encounter while taking up a new task.

(d) How can one prepare oneself before tackling a difficult task?

Answer: Though, we are not aware of the consequences before starting the task but we should prepare ourselves for it by having a big smile on our face, keeping faith in God and starting up with a song so as to keep our worries at rest.

(e) What should be our mood while taking on a new challenge?

Answer: While taking on a new challenge, we should be optimistic and cheerful.

So, these were It Couldn’t Be Done Questions & Answers.