Showing Off Questions & Answers

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Showing Off Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Tom throw clods of earth at Sid?

Answer: Tom threw clods of earth at Sid to take revenge on Sid for revealing Aunt Polly about playing hooky to go for swimming. When Tom went for a swim, he had to remove the thread from his shirt collar. Before returning home, he sewed the collar back on his shirt so that Aunt Polly wouldn’t suspect that he’d skipped his school. But at dinner that evening, the eagle-eyed Sid noticed that Tom’s shirt collar was sewn with black thread. She punished him by making him whitewash the fence on Saturday, when all the other kids were out enjoying themselves.

Question 2: What made Tom show off?

Answer: Tom was on his way home after playing games with other kids in the area. As he was passing by the house where Jeff Thatcher lived, he saw a new girl in the garden – a lovely little blue-eyed creature with yellow hair plaited into two long-tails. Tom was so enraptured by her beauty that he promptly forgot all about his previous girlfriend. Tom’s first move was to act like he didn’t know Becky was watching him. Then he pretended he did not know she was present, and began to ‘show off’ in all sorts of absurd boyish ways, in order to win her admiration.

Question 3: ‘The other boys were eaten up with envy.’ Why?

Answer: The other boys were eaten up with envy because they had given up their tickets by trading them for the things that Tom had collected during his whitewash adventure. They hated themselves for being deceived by such a fraud and commented that Tom was like a cunning snake.

Showing Off Questions & Answers

Question 4: Tom managed to close on the pansy that the little girl dropped, but didn’t even know where his heart is. What does it tell about Tom?

Answer: Tom hopped away with his treasure i.e the pansy and disappeared round the corner. He was not too sure of the position of his heart. He was totally mesmerized by the little girl’s beauty.

Question 5: What was Mary’s role in Tom’s life?

Answer: Mary was Tom’s cousin. She used to help Tom to clean himself up and get ready for Sunday School. She was meticulous in her work.

Question 6: Write character sketch of Aunt Polly.

Answer: Aunt Polly, Tom’s aunt and guardian, is a simple, kindhearted woman who struggles to balance her love for her nephew with her duty to discipline him. She generally fails in her attempts to keep Tom under control because, although she worries about Tom’s safety, she seems to fear constraining him too much. She takes responsibility for Tom and Sid very seriously. Employing whacks on the head with her thimble, frequent scoldings, and the quoting of scriptures, she tries unsuccessfully to force Tom to abandon his high-spirited ways. Above all, Aunt Polly wants to be appreciated and loved.

Question 7: Write character sketch of Tom Sawyer.

Answer: The novel’s protagonist, Tom is a mischievous boy with an active imagination who spends most of the time getting himself and often his friends into trouble. Despite his mischiefs, Tom has a good heart and a strong moral conscience. As the novel progresses, he begins to take more seriously the responsibilities of his role as a leader among his schoolfellows. Tom, as a dynamic character occasionally reverts to childish pranks, but one who essentially moves from early childish endeavors and when called upon to do so, matures to the point where he can make highly moral decisions and commitments.

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