Snake Trouble Questions & Answers

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Snake Trouble Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where was the narrator going and why could they not take unusual pets with them?

Answer: The speaker was going with his grandparents to Lucknow to visit his aunt Ruby. They had to travel by train and so they could not take any pythons, monkeys or other unusual pets with them.

Question 2: What did the speaker find in the hamper when he untied the straps?

Answer: As soon as the narrator untied the straps, the lid flew open. In the hamper was their python, curled up contentedly. There was no sign of their dinner.

Question 3: Read the lines and answer the questions:

Snake Trouble Questions & Answers

 (a) Who scolded whom and why?

Answer: Grandmother scolded Grandfather for bringing the creature on the train.

(b) What ‘creature’ was she talking about?

Answer: She was talking about their pet python.

Snake Trouble Questions & Answers

Question 4: Where was the python found in the end and how did the engine driver react?

Answer: It was found curled around the engine driver’s legs and he was too frightened to move. When Grandfather dragged the python off the driver, he sank down to the floor, pale and shaking with fear.

Question 5: What happened a little after midnight in the train?

Answer: A little after midnight, there was a great noise at the end of the corridor, as a passenger had found a huge snake in the washroom. The narrator and his grandfather entered the washroom, but there was no sign of the python. They thought that it had gone out through the ventilator so, they went back to their compartment.

Question 6: Read the line and answer the questions:

“Don’t let Grandmother see him,” he said.

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Grandfather said this to the speaker.

(b) Why did he not want Grandmother to see him?

Answer: He did not want Grandmother to see him because he knew that Grandmother would be angry with him.

(c) What did Grandfather do with the hamper?

Answer: Grandfather snapped the hamper shut and pushed it back beneath the berth.

Question 7: Why did the train suddenly halt and what did they find inside the engine?

Answer: When the speaker and his grandfather entered the engine, they found that the python had curled itself around the engine driver’s legs and the driver was too frightened to move. Grandfather took the snake and dumped it in the narrator’s arms and got the train moving.

So, these were Snake Trouble Questions & Answers.

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