Success is Counted Sweetest Questions & Answers

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Success is Counted Sweetest Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who are those who know what success is?

Answer: Those who do not succeed are the ones who know what success is.

Question 2: How can anyone understand the taste of nectar?

Answer: One should be starving or be in real need of food to understand the taste of nectar.

Question 3: Who are the purple Host?

Answer: The purple Host refers to the victorious army who have won the battle and are carrying the flag of victory.

Question 4: Why does the poet say ‘forbidden ear’?

Answer: The poet says ‘forbidden ear’ because the sounds of victory cannot reach the ears of dying soldier.

Question 5: How does the defeated warrior feel?

Answer: The defeated warrior in battlefield feels agonized and sad when he hears the shouts of joy and triumph of the victorious army.

Question 6: Who is the narrator in the poem?

Answer: The narrator is the third person who has observed the battlefields and the soldiers.

Question 7: Explain the paradox in these lines.

(a) To comprehend a nectar
Require sorest need.

Answer: To know the real taste of nectar one should be really starving as only then would one know the taste of nectar.

(b) This is the beginning of the end.

Answer: The beginning of the end means that it is the starting which is going to end.

(c) They must go to war to make peace.

Answer: Only when one goes to war can understand how important the peace is.

(d) Ignorance is strength.

Answer: To be ignorant is being blissful about many aspects of life.

Question 8: The distant strains of triumph. What do you think are these ‘distant strains of triumph’?

Answer: The distant strains of triumph refer to the sounds of celebration of victory which only a dying soldier can hear.

So, these were Success is Counted Sweetest Questions & Answers.

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