Swami Vivekananda Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Swami Vivekananda Questions & Answers.

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Swami Vivekananda Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Divine – godly
  • Epic – long poem, story about heroic deeds
  • Glow – shine
  • Meditation – to think deeply
  • Revealed – made visible
  • Furious – full of anger
  • Posture – the way a person sits, stands or walks
  • Regret – feeling sad over something that someone has done
  • Console – comfort in time of sorrow

Question 1: Choose the correct options:

(a) Narendra was born on___________

i. January 12, 1863
ii. August 15, 1947
iii. January 26, 1956

(b) Narendra’s mother was a___________

i. brave lady
ii. religious lady
iii. careless lady

(c) Vishwanath Dutta was________

i. careless and cruel
ii. miser and unkind
iii. kind and helpful

(d) Narendranath’s childhood was remarkable for________

i. the inspiring incidents
ii. adventurous incidents
iii. horrifying incidents

(e) What was Vivekananda’s favourite game?

i. Hide and seek
ii. King and the court
iii. Kho-kho

(f) By whom Narendra was punished at school?

i. Geography teacher
ii. English teacher
iii. Science teacher

(g) By which book Swami Vivekananda was deeply inspired?

i. Mahabharta
ii. Geeta
iii. Ramayana

(h) While meditating, Narendra would look like a________?

i. Krishna
ii. Ram
iii. Little Budha

(i) Who came there when Vivekananda and his friends were meditating?

i. Snake
ii. Swan
iii. Eagle

Question 2: Where was Vivekananda born?

Answer: Vivekananda was born in Simla, a part of the big city Kolkata.

Question 3: What did children call Vivekananda in his childhood and why?

Answer: Children used to call him Narendra in his childhood because his original name, Vireshwara was too long for children to say it with ease.

Question 4: Was Narendra punished rightly by his geography teacher? Give reason for your answer.

Answer: No, Narendra was not punished rightly by his geography teacher because he actually gave the right answer of the question asked. However, later, the teacher realised his mistake and regretted too.

Question 5: What qualities of Narendra made him one of the greatest spiritual leaders of mankind?

Answer: The habit of fearlessness, love for mankind and concentration made Narendra one of the greatest spiritual leaders of mankind.

So, these were Swami Vivekananda Questions & Answers.