The Brave Tailor Questions & Answers

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The Brave Tailor Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The tailor was told about the giants by

(a) a woman selling thread
(b) a woman selling jam.
(c) a woman selling fish

2. The tailor found out where the giants were when he

(a) heard them talking
(b) heard their loud snores
(c) saw a signpost with their names

3. The two giants

(a) killed each other
(b) hurt the tailor
(c) hurt each other badly

4. When the king heard the tailor had tied the giants to a tree, he was

(a) very unhappy
(b) very happy
(c) very angry

5. The princess said she

(a) wanted to marry the humble tailor
(b) did not want to marry the tailor
(c) wanted to marry one of the giants

Question 2: Who robbed travellers in the kingdom?

Answer: Two giants who lived in the forest robbed travellers in the kingdom.

Question 3: How did the giant’s snores help the tailor?

Answer: The giants were snoring loudly. The tailor could hear their snores from a long distance. He followed the sounds and found the giants, sleeping under a tree.

Question 4: What did the giants think about the stones hitting them?

Answer: Each of the giants thought that the other giant was hitting him with stones and pretending to be asleep.

Question 5: Did the tailor use physical strength or intelligence to catch the giants? Justify your answer.

Answer: The tailor used his intelligence to catch the giants. He did not need physical strength because he did not fight with giants. He hid behind a tree and threw stones at the two giants in turn, trickling them. Each of the giants thought that the other giant was hitting him. They fought fiercely and hurt each other badly that they were unable to move. The tailor then tied them to a tree and went to the king’s palace. Soon after, the two giants were arrested by the king’s men. So, one can clearly say that the tailor caught the giants using his intelligence.

Question 6: What do you think would have happened if the two giants trusted each other?

Answer: Instead of suspecting each other, they would have searched for the person who was hitting them. They would not have fought and the tailor would not have been able to tie them to a tree.

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