The Jungle Book Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Jungle Book Questions & Answers.

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The Jungle Book Questions & Answers

Question 1: Mark the sentences as True or False:

1. Mowgli was a wolf cub – False
2. Bagheera and Baloo were Mowgli’s best friend – True
3. Mowgli sought the help of his friends, Bagheera and Baloo, to put an end to Shere Khan’s life – False
4. Shere Khan was a man-eating tiger who had killed Mowgli’s parents – True
5. The surprise attack by the wild bulls was a clever and successful plan to put an end to Shere Khan’s life – True

Question 2: Why was Mowgli living with a wolf family, though he was a human?

Answer: When Mowgli was a small baby, his parents were killed by Shere Khan. He was found in the dense forest of Central India by a wolf family. Mother wolf decided to take the Mowgli alongwith her and brought him up with her own cubs.

Question 3: How did Mowgli spend his day in the jungle?

Answer: Mowgli spent his day in jungle by playing and hunting with the wolf pack and other animals.

Question 4: What did everyone warn Mowgli about Shere Khan?

Answer: Everyone warned Mowgli about man eating tiger Shere Khan who had killed Mowgli’s parents many years ago. Shere Khan did not like Mowgli and want to kill him.

Question 5: Read the sentence from the story, and answer the questions.

We should go around the mountain and climb to the top without Shere Khan seeing us.

(a) Who said this sentence?

Answer: Mowgli said this sentence.

(b) To whom was it said?

Answer: It was said to the wild bulls.

(c) Who were they hiding from?

Answer: They were hiding from Shere Khan.

(d) What was their plan?

Answer: Their plan was to walk around the mountain unnoticed. Then they would climb up the mountain. On reaching the top, they would be able to see the clearing below where Shere Khan rests most of the time. Upon Mowgli’s signal, the wild bulls would charge together at the tiger and kill him.

Question 6: Was killing Shere Khan a good idea? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Shere Khan was a man-eating tiger. Everyone in the jungle lives in the terror. Killing Shere Khan was a good idea because he was in search of a chance to hurt Mowgli. If Mowgli would not have planned to kill Shere Khan, he would have killed Mowgli.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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