The Town Musicians of Bremen Questions & Answers

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The Town Musicians of Bremen Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did the Donkey think of running away from the farmer?

Answer: The Donkey had grown old and could not help the farmer the way it used to do. So, the farmer thought of replacing it with a young and energetic donkey to carry load. Upon hearing this, the Donkey decided to run away from the farmer before he could sell it off.

Question 2: What did the Donkey decide to do next?

Answer: The Donkey believed that it could sing well. So, it thought it should go to Bremen and become a musician there.

Question 3: Who all joined the Donkey on its journey?

Answer: The dog, the cat and the rooster joined the Donkey on its journey.

Question 4: What was the common situation faced by all these animals?

Answer: All these animals were discarded by their masters as they were now of no use to them.

Question 5: What was going on in the lonely house in the forest?

Answer: In the lonely house in the forest, a long table with a great feast was laid out. There were robbers sitting around and enjoying themselves.

Question 6: How did the animals get the robbers to leave?

Answer: The four animals put their heads together and made a plan. The donkey went and stood against the wall. The dog climbed his back. The cat jumped on to the dog’s back. The rooster went and sat on the cat’s shoulder. Then, they began to sing together. The donkey brayed at the top of his voice. The dog barked and howled and the cat mewed. The rooster crowed as loud as he could. They created such a din that the robbers were frightened and ran away.

Question 7: What happened to the robber who went back into the house to check who had entered the house?

Answer: The robber entered the house quietly. He went to the kitchen to light a candle but stepped on the cat’s tail. The cat flew in his face, scratching wildly. It made terrible sounds. The robber ran to the front door. The dog was startled out of its sleep and it bit robber’s leg. The robber howled and screamed. As he ran across the yard, the donkey gave him a kick. All the noises woke up the rooster who fluttered excitedly and cried, ‘Cock-a-doodle-do! Cock-a-doodle-do’. The robber was so frightened that he ran back limping to his friends.

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