The Comet and The Moon Questions & Answers

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The Comet and The Moon Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Comet – a celestial body that moves around the sun and looks like a bright star with a tail
  • Whoosh – make a soft sound when moving very fast.
  • Sulky – in a bad temper, refusing to talk
  • Plod – walk laboriously
  • Chains of gravity – confined to the force that attracts the bodies to the centre of the earth
  • Flare – blaze with bright flame
  • Sizzle – make a hissing sound as of water falling on hot metal
  • Envy – feeling of discontent aroused by another’s better fortune.
  • Trudge – walk labouriously

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The comet asked the moon______

(a) why he looked so upset?
(b) why he looked so happy?
(c) why he had a pale face?
(d) why he made his way through space?

2. The moon’s plight was that______

(a) he has to flare and sizzle
(b) he had to make his way through space
(c) he always had to move on the same path chained by gravity
(d) his face was pale

3. ‘I envy you’. Who envies whom?

(a) The earth envies the moon
(b) The moon envies the comet
(c) The comet envies the moon
(d) The moon envies the earth

4. A word in the poem meaning the same as ‘bound to have a miserable fate’ is

(a) trudged
(b) whooshed
(c) plod
(d) doomed

Question 2: Who whooshed past the moon’s pale face?

Answer: The comet whooshed past the moon’s pale face.

Question 3: Who was sulking?

Answer: The moon was sulking as it has to follow the same path as always, which is confined by gravity’s bands.

Question 4: When was life better for the moon?

Answer: When the spacemen landed on the moon, walked and scratched its back, the moon’s life was better then.

Question 5: Why did the comet not answer the moon?

Answer: The comet did not answer the moon because it had already left the place to wag its tail round, Venus.

Question 6: What did the comet want to know when he saw the pale-faced moon?

Answer: When the comet saw the pale-faced moon, he wanted to know the reason for his sulky behavior.

Question 7: Why does the moon think that he is doomed?

Answer: Being stuck in the orbit of the Earth, the moon thinks that he is doomed.

Question 8: Why does the moon envy the comet?

Answer: The moon envies the comet because the comet is free to flare and sizzle and roam like rockets.

Question 9: Which line in stanza 5 suggests that the comet is very active? Explain

Answer: The comet didn’t answer, Already it had gone suggests that the comet is very active.

The moon requested the comet to stay and talk to him but the comet quickly left the place to wag its tail round Venus.

Question 10: The moon is non-human. He does two things which we humans do. What are they? What figure of speech is this?

Answer: The two things that the moon does as we humans do are:

  • He looked sulky.
  • Always trod the same path.

The figure of speech is personification.

So, these were The Comet and The Moon Questions & Answers.

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