The Devil’s Trademark Questions & Answers

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The Devil’s Trademark Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where had John and the narrator been? What engaged their attention?

Answer: John and the narrator had been out on some of their master’s business. Their attention was caught by a boy who wanted the pony to leap over the gate. When the pony did not leap, the boy whipped the pony.

Question 2: How did the pony punish the boy?

Answer: The pony punished the boy by putting down his head and throwing up his heels, sending the boy neatly over into a broad hedge. The boy struggled among the thorns.

Question 3: Why did John not help the boy struggling among the thorns?

Answer: John did not help the boy because the boy had ill-treated the pony. John believed that it was good that the pony had taught the boy a lesson and so, he will never make a pony leap over a gate that is too high.

The Devil’s Trademark Questions & Answers

Question 4: How did the boy end up among the thorns?

Answer: When John and the narrator were returning back from their master’s business. They saw a boy called Bill who wanted a pony to leap over a gate that was too high. When the pony refused to leap, the boy whipped him. He got off and thrashed him. The boy also knocked the pony on his head. He tried to make him leap again and this time he kicked him. However, the pony refused to take a leap. Even though the pony was patient all this time, finally, he threw up his heels and tipped Bill into the thorn hedge.

Question 5: Describe in a paragraph James’ interaction with Bill, bringing out clearly the latter’s wish to inflict the pain on weak creatures and how he was punished for his disgraceful act.

Answer: James agrees that Bill was a bully and was known to torture little bugs. He recounts the incident when Bill took flies and pulled off their wings. When the teacher had found out, Bill was punished severely. The teacher warned the students against cruelty, labeling it as ‘the devil’s trademark’. Anyone who loved cruelty belonged to the devil. Upon hearing this, John reaffirms the teachers message, advising James that religion is in large part to love and be kind to man and beast and if it does not contain those then it is a shame.

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