The Flamingo That Flew To The Snow Questions & Answers

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The Flamingo That Flew To The Snow Questions & Answers

Question 1: Which direction did Elisha fly in? Where did she arrive?

Answer: Elisha flew north-west, instead of east. She ended up in Canada in the winter, instead of the Argentinian steppe.

Question 2: How did the rescuers confirm that the bird was a flamingo?

Answer: Unable to believe the news, Kathy and the rescuers set out to check if the bird cited was a flamingo. They drove over to Shirleys Bay where the bird was spotted. When they found a pink-plumed bird with long stick thin legs looking totally different from the rest, they knew that it was a flamingo.

Question 3: From who did Kathy receive a call and why was she surprised on hearing the news?

Answer: Kathy Nihei, a bird lover, received a call from a bird watcher that a flamingo had been found among a gaggle of geese along an inlet of the Ottawa River. Kathy was surprised and amused to get the news as flamingos are not found in Canada.

Question 4: Why did Nihei think the rescue ‘would be harder than she had imagined’?

Answer: Nihei realised the rescue would not be easy, because the first time they tried to get close to Elisha, she flew away.

Question 5: In what way did Elisha ‘act like a tourist’?

Answer: Elisha acted like a tourist because she moved around a lot up and down the Ottawa River. She was never in one place long enough for Nihei and the volunteers to capture her.

Question 6: How did the flamingo derive the name Elisha? Why did she not join the Canada geese?

Answer: An internet message was sent asking anyone who had lost a flamingo to contact the Centre. In response to that a message came in, which said that a flamingo by the name Eilish had escaped from a wildlife sanctuary in Connecticut. She was christened Elisha by the Canadians. The Canada geese with whom Elisha was first found, had gone south. Kathy hoped she would find Elisha by following them. But experts opined that the geese fly much faster than the flamingo and would have left her behind. The flamingo would not have known where to go and she would have probably continued her own migration further northwest.

The Flamingo That Flew To The Snow Questions & Answers

Question 7: What was the original plan? Why did it not succeed?

Answer: The original plan involved plastic flamingos, flamingo food and a tape of flamingo sounds – the idea was to track Elisha, and row close to her, probably using the plastic flamingos and the food as bait. The idea was to capture her when she came to join them.

The plan did not work because Elisha was extremely mistrustful of humans and would not let them get anywhere close to her.

Question 8: What was the trap? What drove Elisha into it?

Answer: Poles were driven into either side of the creek. Netting was stretched over three sides and the top. A length of netting was left over the front, to act as a trapdoor, either side of which was hidden by straw and leaf. When they spotted the bird, the volunteers rushed to break up the ice in the trap, so the sound of running water would tell Elisha where to find food. She entered the trap and began to feed, and the trapdoor was shut.

Question 9: Read the line and answer the questions:

“We’ll check it out.”

a. Who said these words?

Answer: Kathy Nihei said these words.

b. Why does the speaker sound unconvinced?

Answer: She sounds unconvinced because she does not believe what she has been told – that a flamingo had migrated to Canada.

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘This is crazy. Why am I doing this?’ Walsh kept asking himself, as he waited in the frigid pre-dawn darkness.

a. Who was Walsh?

Answer: Alan Walsh, father of two young daughters Shannon and Lauren, was one of the volunteers who came to rescue the flamingo.

b. Why did he remark so?

Answer: The volunteers were working in pairs to trap the flamingo. Despite a twenty-four-hour vigil, the bird was nowhere to be seen. This frustrated Walsh.

c. Why had he joined the rescue team?

Answer: When Walsh’s daughters heard about the plight of the flamingo, they wanted their father to save the flamingo and join the team of rescuers.

The Flamingo That Flew To The Snow Questions & Answers

Question 11: Read the line and answer the questions:

A plan was taking shape and people were eager to help.

a. Why did there need to be a plan?

Answer: There needed to be a plan because the bird would die if she was not rescued from the cold Canadian winter.

b. How did people come forward to help?

Answer: It became public knowledge that a flamingo had come to Canada by mistake. People were eager to help the bird survive the winter.

Question 12: Read the line and answer the questions:

It occurred to Nihei that this rescue might be harder than she had imagined.

a. Why did Nihei feel so?

Answer: The flamingo did not seem very happy about the human intruders who wanted to rescue it and so it flew out of the water and landed on a small island.

b. Where was the flamingo spotted first?

Answer: The flamingo was first spotted at Shirleys Bay.

c. What was Nihei’s next strategy?

Answer: When going near the bird in a canoe failed, Nihei ordered for some flamingo food, got some plastic lawn flamingos and a tape of flamingo sounds to give the bird a homely feeling.

Question 13: Why do you think the flamingo did not struggle when it was finally caught?

Answer: Everyone had almost given up hope and wanted to wind up the rescue operation when suddenly they saw her. With great difficulty they managed to catch her. The moment when Hamlyn rushed and clutched her, she did not struggle. Probably, she was so exhausted and tired that the warm hug was really soothing for her.

Question 14: How many people were involved in the rescue operation of the flamingo? What was each one’s contribution?

Answer: The news about the lost flamingo spread everywhere and many were eager to help. A message on the internet was sent and then the Ottawa paper ran a front-page story about the bird. Said Shaik, a part time volunteer, joined the growing number of rescue volunteers. Another volunteer was Alan Walsh, who on the insistence of his daughters, called Kathy and wanted to know how he could be of help. The bird’s desperate situation made the general public pitch in and three nets were donated when an appeal went out. Each one of them was involved in the rescue operation with sincerity and some of them had to even risk their lives, in the severe cold, to save the bird.

Question 15: Why did the whole city rejoice over the rescue of the bird?

Answer: The flamingo was special after all. A flamingo in Canada was unheard of. Many volunteered to be part of the rescue operation. The public followed the news about the flamingo very keenly. Wading through freezing water, keeping twenty-four-hour vigils in freezing cold weather paid off, to the volunteers, in the end. The bird was rescued. This definitely called for celebration in the whole city.

So, these were The Flamingo That Flew To The Snow Questions & Answers.

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