The Hand Of God Questions & Answers

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The Hand Of God Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Along – moving in a constant direction on (a road, path, or any more or less horizontal surface).
  • Delighted – feeling or showing great pleasure.
  • Extremely – to a very great degree; very.
  • Despite – without being affected by; in spite of.
  • Instant – happening or coming immediately.

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The group would be camping for __________days.

i. three
ii. five
iii. six
iv. ten

(b) There was no __________stall anywhere around.

i. tea
ii. handicraft
iii. shoe
iv. clothes

(c) A __________made it worse for them to climb all the way.

i. pit
ii. injury
iii. blizzard
iv. fall

(d) Everyone could see the__________in woman’s eyes.

i. sincerity
ii. light
iii. affection
iv. faith

(e) The group was not__________but honest and responsible human beings.

i. traders
ii. cheaters
iii. thieves
iv. landlords

Question 2: Where were the hikers trekking to? Describe the climb.

Answer: The hikers were trekking to Chadar in Ladakh. It was extremely cold and they had to walk more than 70 kilometres. The climb was steep and harsh wind and the blizzard made it worse for them to climb all the way.

Question 3: Why were the hikers delighted to see the shop?

Answer: The hikers were delighted to see the shop because they were tired and it was extremely cold. They were looking for something warm.

Question 4: What was strange about the tea stall? What did they do there?

Answer: The tea stall was well stocked but there was no one around. They ate tea, snacks and bread.

Question 5: Where did the old woman go leaving her shop? Why did she leave the shop open?

Answer: The old woman went down to the chemist to get some medicines. She kept the shop open because hardly any one came there. So, there was no fear of theft.

Question 6: What did the old woman see when she returned? What was her thought on who had come there?

Answer: When the old woman returned, she found the cups and plates arranged differently. There was a two thousand rupee note pressed under a cup. She thought God had come there and kept the money for her as he cared a lot for her.

Question 7: According to the old woman, who gave her money? Who had left the money in tea stall?

Answer: According to the old woman, God came to her shop and left the money for her. The leader of the hikers had left the money in the tea stall.

Question 8: Why did the leader leave money on the kitchen counter at the shop? How did he feel doing it?

Answer: The group had tea and snacks while the owner of the shop was away and so they could not pay. The leader thought that they were not thieves but honest and responsible human beings.

So, these were The Hand Of God Questions & Answers.

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