Trouble On The Rohini Questions & Answers

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Trouble On The Rohini Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Irrigate – to supply land with water in order to help crops grow
  • Arrogant – people who behave in a proud and unpleasant way
  • Dispute – a serious argument or disagreement
  • Sensed trouble brewing – felt that something unpleasant was about to happen
  • Intertwined – twisted together so that they were very difficult to separate
  • Strike – to attack
  • Bountiful – in large quantities
  • Live in harmony – live together without fighting

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) The two tribes shared the water of the dam built over the Rohini – True
(b) The river had dried up due to an unusually hot summer that year – False
(c) The Sakyans believed that there was enough water for both the tribes – False
(d) The Buddha was informed about the trouble brewing between the tribes – False
(e) The Buddha sent someone to prevent the war – False
(f) The armies were not sure why they were going to war – True
(g) The Buddha believed in peace and harmony – True
(h) The Buddha said that people who remain united are always stronger than those who are alone – True

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:
“Oh! This must be one of the hottest summers
We’ve ever had! See how low the river is!”

(a) Who said these words?

Answer: The Sakyans said these words.

(b) What was the speaker referring to?

Answer: The speaker was referring to the water in the river Rohini.

(c) What happened after this?

Answer: The Sakyans and the Koliyans started to argue and stopped each other from taking water to irrigate their crops and later it turned out to be a fight.

Question 3: What caused the dispute between the Sakyans and the Koliyans?

Answer: There was scarcity of water due to hot summer days. Both, the Koliyans and the Sakiyans feared that they would not have enough water for irrigation. Each tribe claimed right over the water in the Rohini, leading to a dispute.

Trouble On The Rohini Questions & Answers

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:
“We’ve just heard of a dispute on Rohini. The Sakyans have insulted our people.”

(a) Who speaks the above lines?

Answer: One of the men from the Koliyan tribe speaks the above lines.

(b) Did the Sakyans really insult the people?

Answer: No, the Sakyans did not insult the Koliyans. It was a simple argument but the Koliyans were so offended that they took that as an insult to their tribe.

(c) What was the response the speaker got?

Answer: Everyone agreed with him without thinking and they wanted to call the army and fight a war

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:
“This is not the time for talk……..this is the time for action!”

(a) Who said these words?

Answer: One of the Sakyans said these words.

(b) What was the speaker talking about?

Answer: The speaker is talking about war against the Koliyans for the water from the river Rohini.

(c) Was there any other way to solve this problem?

Answer: Yes, instead of fighting against each other for water, they could have first talked with each other about sharing the water from the river Rohini.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:
“Shouldn’t we talk to them first?”

(a) Who is the speaker responding to?

Answer: The speaker is responding to one of the men of the Sakyan tribe who wanted to get the troops together to teach the Koliyans a lesson for their misbehaviour.

(b) What is the talk mentioned in the above lines?

Answer: The speaker was a wise Sakiyan and did not want to be impulsive. He suggested talking to the Koliyans about sharing water before calling in the troops.

(c) How did the others react to the speaker?

Answer: None agreed with him. They felt they should act fast and that there was no time to talk.

Trouble On The Rohini Questions & Answers

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:
“But a tree that grew alone and separate from the others was blown down and destroyed!”

(a) Who said these words?

Answer: The Buddha said these words to the Sakyans and the Koliyans.

(b) What was the story that the speaker narrated to them?

Answer: Once there was a great storm. The trees that grew close to each other and whose branches were intertwined remained standing. But a tree that grew alone and separate from the others was blown and destroyed.

(c) Why did he tell them the story?

Answer: He told them this story in order to make them realise the importance of living in peace and unity that will lead them to live a happy life.

Question 8: Why did the Buddha come to meet the tribes?

Answer: Lord Buddha sensed trouble between the tribes. He knew if he didn’t intervene, things would go beyond control and there would be bloodshed. Hence, he came to meet the people of the tribes and make peace between them.

Question 9: Both the Sakyans and the Koliyans needed a peaceful lord like the Buddha to sort out their differences. What do you understand about the tribes from this?

Answer: The Sakyans and Koliyans were foolish and acted impulsively. For them, the answer to any conflict was only war. At the same time, they had a lot of respect for the Buddha, which helped in bringing peace and harmony among them.

Question 10: Despite being related, both Sakyans and Koliyans were almost at war with each other during a crisis. How should they have dealt with the situation? What lesson have you learnt from this?

Answer: Though the Koliyans and the Sakyans were related, their territory was divided by the Rohini River and for irrigation they had built a dam. Both the tribes were living in harmony till the water crisis arose. During any crisis where two parties are involved, arguments and differences of opinions are likely to happen. It happened among the two tribes as well. But instead of settling their differences by talking, they chose to wage a war. Fortunately for them, Lord Buddha restored peace and harmony by making them understand the value of human life and the importance of unity. Bloodshed was averted. From this we understand that any conflict can be resolved through sensible discussion and understanding each other.

So, these were Trouble On The Rohini Questions & Answers.

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