The Happy School Questions & Answers

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The Happy School Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why was Raman Mama popular with the children?

Answer: Raman Mama was popular with the children because he loved them and understood them well.

Question 2: Where did the children of Happy School study?

Answer: The children of Happy school studied under the shade of a pipal tree.

Question 3: What did they use instead of pens, pencil and slates?

Answer: The children collected sand from the riverbed and spread it in front them and used it as slates. Then, with a little twig serving as a pen or pencil, they learnt to draw the letters of the alphabets on it.

Question 4: How did they study geography and mathematics?

Answer: The children studied geography by making large maps of countries on the sand and then filling in the mountains and hills with some more of it. The lakes and rivers had real water. Little clay models of animals and birds nestled on the hills, which were covered with a forest of small leafy twigs.

They learned mathematics by learning how to add subtract, multiply and divide in a very practical way while shopping. They learnt the true meaning of profit and loss and budgets. Rice and pulses vegetables were bought after paying the correct amount in shells and pebbles.

Question 5: How many classes did they have every day? How were classes conducted.

Answer: There were only two classes every day and they were conducted in a practical manner.

Question 6: Which subject was the best subject of all? How did the children study that?

Answer: History was the best subject of all. The children studied that by taking part in drama and waged wars, conquered territories, hatched plots and signed treaties, which they never forgot. There was much excitement and discussion about the roles to be played, the script to be written, the dialogues to be spoken and the costumes to be worn. So, there was no other better to understand the past than by recreating the moment.

Question 7: Where did the children go and what did they learnt on holidays?

Answer: During the holidays, students went on an excursion to the neighbouring forest. There, they made friends with the trees and got to know their names. They learnt how some of them medicinal and some others bore fruits that were good to eat. They even learnt all about the animals and birds that inhabited the forest.

So, these were The Happy School Questions & Answers.

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