How The Sea Became Salty Questions & Answers

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How The Sea Became Salty Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Orphan – one whose parents are dead
  • Resented – did not like; felt angry about something
  • Dense – here, dark and gloomy
  • Flicker – flash
  • Emerged – came out
  • Wonderstruck – amazed
  • Pondered – thought deeply
  • Prosperous – rich
  • Patience – the ability to wait
  • Creep – sneak

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Sridhar lived with his brother and sister-in-law because

(a) he had lost his parents.
(b) he had left his parents.

2. Leela did not allow Sridhar to enter the house one night because

(a) he did not bring the firewood.
(b) he had forgotten the axe.

3. The dwarves gifted Sridhar a

(a) a magic fan.
(b) magic pan.

4. The first thing that Sridhar asked from the magical object was a

(a) house.
(b) hot meal.

Question 2: What was special about the gift that the dwarves gave Sridhar?

Answer: The gift that the dwarves gave Sridhar was a magical fan. The special about the gift was that whenever Sridhar desired something, he just need to wave the fan gently and ask for it and when he would got enough, he just need to whisper “Enough, enough, enough” three times and the fan would stop producing objects.

Question 3: How did Sridhar use the gift for himself?

Answer: Sridhar built a house and made money with the gift for himself.

Question 4: Why did Keshav and Leela go to Sridhar’s new house?

Answer: Keshav and Leela went to Sridhar’s new house to know the reason of the wealth that he had acquired.

Question 5: How did the seawater become salty?

Answer: The seawater became salty because it rained salt sacks for many, many days till the dwarves heard about it and made the fan stop with their magic. But by then, the sea was full of salt which dissolved in the water and the sea remained salty forever after.

So, these were How The Sea Became Salty Questions & Answers.

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