The Intelligent Tailor – II Questions & Answers

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The Intelligent Tailor – II Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. The two devils were sleeping on a tree – False
2. After slapping, the tailor hid himself behind a tree – True
3. The king wanted to give his daughter in marriage to the little tailor – False
4. The unicorn thrust its horn into the trunk of an animal – False
5. The tailor had the habit of muttering in sleep – True

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Who was sleeping under a tree?

(a) devils
(b) lion
(c) giant

2. Who hid behind the tree?

(a) prince
(b) tailor
(c) villager

3. What does a unicorn look like?

(a) lion
(b) horse
(c) bear

4. How much kingdom did the king give to the tailor?

(a) one fourth
(b) half
(c) three fourth

5. Who heard the conversation of the king with his daughter?

(a) minister
(b) giant
(c) tailor

Question 3: Where were the devils sleeping?

Answer: The devils were sleeping under a tree.

Question 4: Where did the tailor hide?

Answer: The tailor hid behind the tree.

Question 5: Who hit the devil on the head?

Answer: The tailor hit the devil on the head.

Question 6: Who saved the life of the little tailor?

Answer: One of the king’s ministers saved the life of the little tailor.

Question 7: Who was unicorn?

Answer: The unicorn was a scary animal like a horse. It had a strong horn on its forehead.

Question 8: What did the tailor spot in the forest?

Answer: The tailor spotted two huge and frightening devils sleeping under a tree in the forest.

Question 9: How did the tailor kill the unicorn?

Answer: As the unicorn saw the little tailor, it started chasing him. The little tailor ran as fast as he could. When the unicorn was about to catch with him, he jumped behind a huge tree. The unicorn moving at a great speed could not stop and thrust its horn into the trunk of a tree. Now, it was not in a position to move and the little tailor killed it with his sword.

Question 10: What did the tailor mutter at night?

Answer: The tailor muttered at night, “Sew up this shirt for me quickly.”

Question 11: Why did the men hide behind the door run away?

Answer: The little tailor said aloud, “l killed thirty men in one go and killed two giant devils and a fierce unicorn, so why should I be afraid of the men hiding behind the door.” The men behind the door heard the words. They were terrified and ran away.

Question 12: How did the tailor manage to kill the two devils?

Answer: The tailor slapped the devils one by one and made them arguing and quarrelling. They fought fiercely and finally both of them fell dead.

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