The King and His Hawk Questions & Answers

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The King and His Hawk Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Genghis Khan was a great

(a) king.
(b) robber.
(c) joker

2. On the king’s wrist sat his favourite

(a) parrot.
(b) hawk.
(c) eagle.

3. The dead animal lying in the pool of water was a

(a) lizard.
(b) snake.
(c) monkey.

4. Who killed the hawk?

(a) Genghis Khan.
(b) snake.
(c) bodyguard.

5. Genghis Khan felt ________ on killing his hawk.

(a) sorry
(b) happy
(c) triumphant

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

1. Genghis Khan was a great king and warrior.
2. The king was very thirsty.
3. The water was all spilled from the cup.
4. With a quick sweep of the sword, he struck the bird as it passed.
5. He mounted the horse and rode swiftly home.

Question 3: Who accompanied Genghis Khan to the woods?

Answer: Many of Genghis Khan’s friends accompanied him to the woods. They carried their bows and arrows. Behind them also came the servants with the hounds.

Question 4: Why could Genghis Khan not drink the water?

Answer: Genghis Khan could not drink the water because his pet hawk knocked the cup filled with water from his hands.

Question 5: Why did the king grow angry at his pet hawk?

Answer: The king grew angry at his hawk because he wanted to drink water as he was very thirsty. However, his hawk would not let him take a sip from his cup.

Question 6: How did the hawk save Genghis Khan’s life?

Answer: The hawk saved Genghis Khan’s life by not letting him drink the poisonous water.

Question 7: What lesson did Genghis Khan learn?

Answer: Genghis Khan learnt that one should never to do anything in anger.

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