The King of Polar Bears Questions & Answers

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The King of Polar Bears Questions & Answers

Question 1: How did the king of the polar bear ‘meet his match’ in humans?

Answer: All the animals thought that their King was a magician as nothing could harm him. However, the men on the boat could easily harm the king of the polar bears with a weapon. His strength and power did not save him from the attack of the humans, and that is how he ‘met his match’ in humankind.

Question 2: What were the two things that helped the king survive his painful meeting with the Humans?

Answer: The king would not have lived without the feathers and support from the loyal gulls. Also, his courage to bear the pain and the willpower to live helped him survive his painful meeting with the humans.

Question 3: Why did the polar bears think the king unfit to rule them? How did they decide to replace him?

Answer: The polar bears thought the king unfit to rule them because he was half bird and half bear. So, they decided to replace him with someone who can fight the bird bear and defeat him. He would be king of the polar bears.

Question 4: Read the line and answer the questions:

1. “Let them go!”

(a) Who said this to whom?

Answer: The king said this to Queen gull.

(b) Where were they going and why?

Answer: They were going to city to bring polar bear’s skin that was thrown over the back of a carriage that rolled along a street.

2. “Come nearer, that I may pluck your feathers!”

(a) Who said this to whom and why?

Answer: Woof said this to the king of the bears. He said this to dishearten the king and weaken his courage during the fight.

(b) What was the result of these words?

Answer: Woof’s words filled the king with rage. He ruffled his feathers just like a bird, and struck Woof with a powerful blow. Woof fell dead on the ground.

Question 5: What are the qualities that helped the king of the polar bears win his battle against Woof?

Answer: The king of the Polar bears put aside all his thoughts about his appearance and fought Woof fiercely. He was confident about his strength, superiority and courage. He also knew that he was the rightful king and that the behaviour of the other bears was wrong. This knowledge encouraged him to fight for himself.

Question 6: Mark these statements as true and not true.

1. The king’s fur was used wastefully by the humans – True
2. The king turned into a bird when he was covered with feathers – Not True
3. The king did not think he could win without his skin – Not True
4. Woof did not think that the king was an enemy worth fighting – True
5. The polar bear respected their king again because he had got his skin back – Not True

So, these were The King of Polar Bears Questions & Answers.

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