The Ghost of the Mountains Questions & Answers

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The Ghost of the Mountains Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True and Not true and correct the incorrect sentences:

1. Snow leopards are called ‘the ghost of the mountains’ as they are very difficult to spot in the mountains – True

2. The villagers wanted to kill the snow leopard as they wanted to save the calf – Not True
Correct Sentence – The villagers wanted to kill the snow leopard as they wanted to save their livestock.

3. Anyone who killed an endangered animal would have to pay a fine or go to jail – True

4. Rigzin came out of the Ihas and sank to his knees as the calf was very heavy – Not True
Correct Sentence – Rigzin sank to his knees relieved that the snow leopard had missed him by a fraction of a second.

5. The Wildlife Department would release the snow leopard in the wild – True

Question 2: Read these lines and answer the questions:

1. Hearing this, sixteen-year-old Rigzin ran towards Tashi’s house.

(a) What had Rigzin heard?

Answer: Rigzin heard that a snow leopard had entered the Ihas of Tashi’s house and had killed the goats and sheep there.

(b) Why did he run towards Tashi’s house?

Answer: He ran towards Tashi’s house to see the snow leopard.

(c) What did he do after reaching Tashi’s house?

Answer: After reaching Tashi’s house, he climbed up to the roof of the Ihas to see the snow leopard.

2. I won’t keep quiet about it.

(a) Who said these words to whom?

Answer: Rigzin said these words to the villagers.

(b) What did ‘it’ refer to?

Answer: ‘It’ refers to the killing of snow leopard by the villagers.

(c) How was the problem finally solved?

Answer: The problem was finally solved when Rigzin could convince the villagers about how more and more snow leopards were being killed and there was a distinct fear of them becoming extinct. The villagers understood the problem. Rigzin then informed the Wildlife Department at Leh. Three officials and a veterinary doctor arrived later that afternoon in a jeep. The doctor shot a tranquiliser into the leopard and carried it out. It was taken to Leh and a decision about where to release it was taken the next day.

Question 3: How did Rigzin rescue the calf from the Ihas?

Answer: Rigzin suggested to make another hole at the other end of the roof, to draw the attention of the snow leopard on the other side. Then, he ran down to the front of the Ihas. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door. He tiptoed up to the calf and picked it up. That’s how he rescued the calf from Ihas.

Question 4: What happened when Rigzin tried to convince the villagers to not kill the snow leopard? Was he successful?

Answer: When Rigzin tried to convince the villagers to not kill the snow leopard, the villagers became very angry because snow leopards often attacked and killed their livestock. They felt that fewer snow leopards mean that their livestock would be safer. Rigzin tried to reason with them by pointing out that a snow leopard is an endangered animal and is given special protection through a law called the Wildlife protection Act. He also told the villagers that if anyone was found guilty of killing an animal that is protected by the Act, the person can be sent to jail or made to pay a fine. On hearing this, when the villagers decided to quietly kill the snow leopard without the wildlife officials getting to know, Rigzin threatened to report them. Finally, the headman stepped in and asked everyone to discuss the matter. Though initially, Rigzin was unable to convince the villagers, the discussion helped when Rigzin told the villagers how snow leopards were becoming extinct. Thereafter, solutions were discussed and gradually the villagers agreed to spare the snow leopard.

Question 5: Why are snow leopards usually killed?

Answer: Snow leopards are usually killed by angry villagers who have lost their livestock, while many are killed for their fur and bones.

Question 6: What solutions did the villagers think of to save their livestock from snow leopards?

Answer: The villagers decided to be more alert when taking their animals out and also avoid the very steep terrain on the mountains as snow leopards usually prefer those areas. Also, they would make sure that the Ihas was fully secure.

So, these were The Ghost of the Mountains Questions & Answers.

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